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Zac Efron is an actor known for his roles in High School Musical and Neighbors. When he first got into acting, Efron was a skinny teenager, but now, he is one of the most physically fit actors in Hollywood. Efron achieved his physique with the help of a personal trainer, but he put in the work to get the physique he has today.

Not too many people can afford to hire a personal trainer, but you don’t need one to get the physique Efron has. All you need is a proper routine to follow and the determination and focus required to get in that type of physical shape. For those of you wondering how Efron went from a skinny teenager to a fitness buff, this article will tell you the type of workout and diet he used to get himself in shape.

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Zac Efron’s Workout Routine

According to Zac Efron, the workout routines he uses depend on the role he is playing in his movies. Generally, he sticks to any routine his personal trainer Ramona Braganza lays out for him. The most common routine his trainer uses is the 3-2-1 routine, which requires constantly switching from cardio workout to strength training. The goal of this workout is total body exhaustion. Instead of using a treadmill for 40 minutes, you are required to constantly change the demands you put on your body.

When he had to play the role of a Marine in one of his movies, he switched from a cardio heavy routine to a heavy lifting routine in order to build muscles. The training involved squats, pull ups, sit ups, bench presses, curls, weighted crunches, and side bends to tone his abs. Unlike some body builders that like up-tempo workouts, Efron takes things slow and uses the momentum of his body to lift the weights. According to him, it helps him develop muscles better.

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Zac Efron’s Diet

As a hard gainer, Zac Efron has to consume a lot of food in order to build muscle mass, which means that he consumes a lot of proteins and works out on a full stomach. As far as his diet goes, he likes to keep it healthy.

Zac Efron eats a lot of eggs and oats, and since he likes to work out in the morning, eggs and oats make the perfect breakfast. The eggs provide him with proteins, while the oats help to push the fat. He also likes to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they provide him with much needed vitamins and nutrients that he needs.

On a daily basis, he consumes anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 calories, which means that he eats a lot of food. Other than the oats and eggs, he also eats a lot of chicken, fish, dairy products, and some red meat on occasion.

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As part of his diet, Zac Efron uses Zen Foods products, because they provide ready packed meals with proportionate nutrition and calories. He also likes their food because it allows him to eat right even when he is busy.

One thing Efron tries to stay away from is junk food, he makes it a point to avoid foods like candies, sodas and pizza, because they aren’t healthy and may lead to accumulation of fat.

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