[madbiceps name=Ulisses Jr|biceps=20″|chest=47″|waist=32″|height=5ft 10 in|weight=210 lbs]

Ulisses Jr. is a bodybuilder and fitness model known for his great physique. As a teenager, he was into sports, but never paid attention to lifting weights or having a healthy diet because he could rely on his athleticism. After a while, he realized that he was smaller than most of his peers, and couldn’t make any teams, which is what motivated him to start hitting the weights.

As a hard gainer, it was difficult for Ulisses Jr. to gain the body mass at first, but he started doing research about nutrition and supplements, and implemented them into his routine. The changes in his nutrition and the use of supplements helped him to develop the physique that he has today.

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Today, Ulisses Jr. has accomplished the goals that he set out to achieve when he first started bodybuilding. He has won over 10 bodybuilding shows, he has appeared in numerous fitness magazines, he has trained a lot of celebrities, and he is the PT Director of Reebok Sports Club.

Ulisses Jr.’s Workout Routine

In numerous interviews, Ulisses Jr. has said that he wants to be the best at what he does, which is why he puts in so much time to get his body in the shape that he wants it to be. When he works out, he tries to exercise every muscle in his body. He tries to start off strong and push himself until he is totally exhausted. He also works out six days a week in order to keep his body in top condition.

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The fact that he focuses on one part of the body every time he works out allows him to work out certain parts of the body, while resting other parts of the body, that way he doesn’t overwork the muscles or get sore all over his body. Unlike other bodybuilders who have a routine that they follow every week, Ulisses Jr. doesn’t work out the same way. He switches things up every week, and focuses on whichever part of his body he feels needs he needs to work on. Every week, Ulisses takes a day off to rest his body and recover from all the workouts that he did during the week.

And What About His Diet?

When it comes to his diet, Ulisses tries to eat as healthy as possible. His diet consists of a lot of complex carbohydrates and protein. He eats up to six times a day in order to keep his metabolism up, but he stays away from pork and red meat. On the few occasions that he cheats and eats red meat, he sticks to steaks, but that doesn’t happen very often.


He also admits that he allows himself one cheat meal a week to satisfy any cravings that he has, which is something a lot of bodybuilders don’t do. Ulisses also drinks a lot of protein shakes during the week, because they help his muscles recover faster after working out. He is a fan of eating natural foods and he tries to avoid eating processed foods as much as possible because he doesn’t feel that they do anything for his body.

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