[madbiceps name=Tiger Shroff|biceps=17″|chest=43″|waist=32″|height=5ft 10 in|weight=160 lbs]

Tiger Shroff is a relative newcomer in Bollywood, but he has received a lot of attention for his physique. His most notable role was in the movie Heropanti, which was well received, and he is sure to be in a lot of movies by the time his career is over. Tiger Shroff is the son of Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff, he is also a big fan of the late Bruce Lee, which is what motivated him to train in martial arts.

Shroff has a great physique for an actor, and if he wasn’t acting, he would probably be successful as a fitness model. He is a very active man, and enjoys physical activities like soccer and practicing martial arts, he is also a very good dancer, and it is something that he has enjoyed since he was a kid. The physical activities he does on a daily basis, as well as his workouts, allow him to have the body that he does today.

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When he was 15 years old, Tiger was only 5’3”, and he felt he was very small for his age. He later got his hands on some fitness magazines, and decided he would train until he looked like one of the men in the magazines.

Tiger Shroff’s Workout Routine

Tiger Shroff enlisted the help of a personal trainer to get his body to the point that it is today. He is so dedicated to having a great physique that he works out every day. His workout routine involves weight training, martial arts, gymnastics, push-ups, kicks, and shadow boxing. Every time he goes to the gym, he works out for at least an hour and a half, which has obviously worked out for him.diet for perfect body
Most people try to have a day or two off to rest their bodies after working out, but Shroff doesn’t feel he needs to take a day off. Whenever he feels he has been working his body too hard, he does light training for a couple of days, so his sore muscles have enough time to recover. Once he is back at 100 percent, he goes all out again for a whole week.

bathroomTo prevent him from getting bored with his workout routine, his personal trainer switches things up on him every month. He also works out different parts of his body every time he is in the gym, so his muscles have plenty of time to recover from all the work he puts in on a daily basis.

Shroff is also a big fan of cardio workouts, and incorporates them into his workout schedule. He likes to go running before he begins his workouts, and sometimes enjoys swimming instead. He enjoys the cardio exercises because they allow him to burn excess fat quickly.

Tiger Shroff’s Diet

Like most bodybuilders, Shroff takes good care of his body, and doesn’t eat just anything. He enjoys a high protein diet, which means he eats a lot of eggs, chicken, vegetables, and enjoys protein shakes. The protein that he eats help his muscles recover quickly, and also gives him a lean physique, which is why he eats so much of them. His diet also consists of low sodium home cooked meals, rice and dry fruits.

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