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Shia Lebeouf is a very talented actor that is known for movies like Transformers, as well as his headline grabbing antics. As a polarizing actor, it’s either you like him or you hate him, but one thing that is for sure is there is no denying that he has a great physique.

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As a child actor, not too many people would have predicted that Lebeouf would have such a great physique when he became an adult, but he eventually became a fitness nut, and worked himself into shape with the help of personal trainers and a nutritionist.
black and whiteLebeouf’s transformation from a skinny teenager to a ripped adult is further proof that anybody can achieve the body they want if they but in the hard work necessary to gain it. If you want to learn how to do so, continue reading to this article.

Intense Workouts 7 Days a Week

If you have followed Lebeouf’s career, one of the things you would know about him is that he is very intense. Lebeouf brings the same intensity in the gym, which is why he was successful in getting ripped quickly.

Lebeouf approaches working out with a no pain no gain mentality, which is why he works out seven days a week. One of the exercises that he does every day is his cardio work. Lebeouf runs at least an hour every day before he begins his other workout exercises. The running helps him improve his cardio, and also helps him burn away unwanted fat.

When it comes to the running, he sets a timer to see how far he can push himself. He might decide to do a three mile run under 15 minutes one day, and try to beat it the next day. Challenging himself to meet new goals prevents the running from becoming monotonous and also helps him improve his fitness.

After the running, Lebeouf begins weight training. To get himself in the shape that he wanted, he did a lot of high repetitions of less heavy weights. This allowed him to tone his muscles and maintain his lean physique.

For a movie role that he had, he had to put on some muscles, so he trained with heavy weights, doing five reps of each set. This helped him build muscles very quickly.

moring joggingLike most people, Lebeouf works out different muscle groups every day, this allows the other muscles some time to recover before he gets back to them again, and it prevents him from being sore all over his body.

The exercises that Shia Lebeouf does to maintain his physique include bench presses, push-ups, curls, plyometrics, leg extensions, leg curls, and squats.

Six Meals a Day. Is it Enough?

When working out, Lebeouf sticks to a pretty healthy diet, but sometimes deviates from it. As a young actor, Lebeouf still enjoys going out drinking and smoking, but tries to lay off both vices when working out.

When he sticks to the plan, his diet consists of six meals a day. The foods he eats in those meals include steak, baked potatoes, broccoli, chicken, pasta, protein shakes, egg whites, and oatmeal. He also eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and uses supplements.

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