[madbiceps name=Scott Adkins|biceps=17″|chest=44″|waist=33″|height=5ft 11 in|weight=170 lbs]

Scott Adkins is a Hollywood actor known for movies like Undisputed 2 and 3. While he isn’t a household name, a lot of people recognize him for having one of the best physiques in Hollywood. The action star is one of those people that take very good care of their body, and he has used his physique to land roles in blockbuster movies like The Expendables 2.

As an action star, Adkins has to look the part, which is why he is constantly in the gym working on his body. Adkins also has the help of a personal trainer to ensure that he is getting the most out of his workouts. Having a physique like his is not very easy to do, but it is very possible, if you are determined and are able to put in the work in the gym.

Adkins is listed as 5ft. 11in. and is 165 pounds, he has a lean muscular body and very little body fat. With the proper training, he was able to become ripped without having to put on too much muscle mass. He credits his workouts as well as his diet for his current physique.

Scott Adkins Workout Routine & Cardiovascular Exercises

lean muscleTo help him maintain his low body fat, Adkins is a big fan of cardiovascular exercises. He spends a lot of time running, cycling, and swimming, because those exercises help him improve his cardio, burn away excess fat, and also help strengthen his lower body and legs.

Before he begins his weight training, Adkins runs for 30 minutes to an hour to get his blood pumping.

When it comes to his weight training, Adkins likes to workout four days a week, which gives his body plenty of time to recover from the workouts. He also prefers to work on different body parts at a time, which prevents him from being sore all over his body, and also gives the muscles plenty of time to recover.

Adkins does a lot of high reps of lighter weights because it helps him keep his muscles tone, and also reduces the risk of injury. The types of exercises that Adkins does include bench presses, push-ups, dumbbell presses, treadmill running, Russian twists, back extensions, jumping ropes, and cable crunches. He does three sets of the weight exercises and 8-12 reps of each.

Adkins has multiple black belts in taekwondo and kickboxing, so he also incorporates some martial arts training in his workouts. He also does his own stunts in his movies, which is something not too many actors do.

High Protein Diet

As previously mentioned, Adkins credits his diet for helping him achieve the body he has. Since he is someone that has lean muscles, Adkins usually eats a diet that is rich in protein. This means that he eats food like steak, chicken, fish, and beans. He is also big on giving his body the energy it needs to workout, so he also eats foods that have a lot of carbs. These foods include rice and pasta.

Adkins is also careful to make sure that he gets his vitamins and fiber, so he consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables. He is also fond of supplements like whey protein and creatine.

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