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Reynolds is an actor known for his roles in Waiting, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the upcoming Deadpool movie. He is also known for being one of the fittest men in Hollywood, because he always stays in great shape even when he isn’t filming movies.

So, how does a guy like Ryan Reynolds, who was quite skinny when he first started appearing in movies and television get so buff? We will find out the answer to that question when we take a look at his workout and diet routine.

3-6 Days a Week Workout

According to Reynolds, prior to his role in the movie Blade Trinity, he lived like a frat boy. At that point in his life and career, he didn’t care what he ate or drank. Once he got the role of Hannibal King in Blade Trinity, he became very serious about his fitness. For that role, he worked out six days a week, ate a 3,200 calorie a day diet, and gained 25 pounds of muscle in three months.

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Since that role, Reynolds has managed to maintain the healthy lifestyle, and maintained a very good physique ever since. So how does he do it?

According to Reynolds, he has a personal trainer that he uses to get in whatever shape a movie he is doing requires. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he got the movie at the last minute and didn’t have a lot of time to get in shape, but by the time he did the Green Lantern, he had over a year to get in shape and you can see the difference in his physical appearance in the two movies. For the Deadpool movie, he has been training for quite some time, and according to him, it is the fittest he has ever been in his life.

For the movie, Reynolds worked out three to six days a week, depending on his trainer’s recommendation. Every workout session he had began with a 20 minute ab workout. After the ab workouts, the exercises done that day depends on what the trainer mapped out for him. One day is spent on lower body workouts, which involve exercises like walking lunges. On the second day, the focus is on the upper body, which means exercises like flat bench and incline bench. The third day is spent on plyometrics, suspension training, kickboxing, or yoga. The trainer switches it up on him so his body doesn’t get used to it and his mind doesn’t go stale.

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Healthy Diet For Lean Muscle

Reynolds personal trainer keeps him honest in terms of his diet, so he eats relatively healthy. If he has a role that requires him to bulk up in size, he eats a high carb diet, which allows him to gain weight, then he adds proteins to the diet. This allows him to build muscle when working out. His regular diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and no alcohol. He cheats once in a while just to satisfy whatever craving that he has.

Even though Ryan Reynolds has a personal trainer to help him get in shape, you can also get in shape doing the exact same thing. The fact that you don’t have a personal trainer is no excuse because there are a lot of people in great shape that don’t have personal trainers either.


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