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Ryan Gosling is considered one of the top leading men in Hollywood, and has been in hit movies like Remember the Titans, Drive, and Gangster Squad. Gosling was once a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, and when he started acting, he was a very skinny guy. Once he started taking on roles that required him to hit the weights, he transformed himself into one of the most physically fit actors in Hollywood.

So how did a skinny teenager that appeared in Disney shows become so ripped? It’s quite simple, he started working out seriously for movies, and fell in love with it, because he has maintained the physique for years now. A lot of actors today try to bulk up in an attempt to look like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger did in the 1980s, but Gosling weighs 175 pounds and looks like he lives in the gym. His secret is a protein rich diet and high interval workouts.

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How Did He Get in Shape?

Due to the way his muscles are defined, Ryan Gosling did a lot of upper body and midsection exercises to get the physique that he has now. You also have to understand that his transformation didn’t happen overnight, he had the help of a personal trainer who helped him get in shape for other movies, so he was already used to the work that is required in the gym.

Now, when it comes to the workout itself, Gosling was not working out all body parts at once. Instead, he worked out separate body parts in order to give his muscles enough time to recover from the workouts. He also didn’t give himself too much time to rest between reps, the high volume of reps that he did helped him build muscles faster and get him ready for his role.

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When it comes to the weight training that Gosling did, he stuck with the regular workouts that most people do. These workouts include bench presses, curls, shrugs, chin ups, pull ups, rows, and skull crushers.

While in training, Ryan Gosling worked out four days a week, which gave him three days of rest. A lot of bodybuilders and fitness models usually workout five to six days a week, but they do that because they are trying to get their bodies as ripped as possible, but Gosling was just trying to get cut for his roles, so he didn’t go overboard with the training. Also, he only has about 10% body fat, which makes you look very cut.

Fish, Greens and Rice Diet

For his role in “Only God Forgives,” Ryan Gosling had to learn Muay Thai, and his trainer put him on a Thai diet of fish, greens, and rice while he was in training. Rice is a good source of carbohydrates, which are essential when you are working out, and the fish is a good source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which help the body function properly. The diet allowed Gosling to put on a lean muscle mass, and gave him the body that he currently has.

You can also achieve the Ryan Gosling body type by sticking to a regular workout routine and eating plenty of protein on a daily basis.

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