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Patrick Willis is a former All Pro linebacker that played for the San Francisco 49ers. While he was primarily known as one of the hardest tacklers in the NFL, and one of the best middle linebackers that ever played the game, Willis was also known for his hulking physique.

As an athlete, Willis had to stay in great physical shape, but he took extra pride in his body, and arguably had one of the best physiques in the NFL throughout his career, which is quite impressive when you consider how many NFL players have great physiques.

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To achieve his physique, Willis spent a lot of time in the gym working with the team’s strength and conditioning coach, he also made sure his body was properly fueled by eating the right types of food.

If you are interested in learning how to get a body like Patrick Willis, keep reading this article to find out what you need to do.

Patrick Willis Workout Routine

At a young age, Patrick Willis was introduced to the gym when he was young because of his uncle who was a boxer. At the time, Willis would make his own workout equipment, substituting bricks for dumbbells. By the time he started playing football, he had upgraded to regular gym equipment.

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For Willis, building his core muscles was the key to having the physique that he has today. Unlike other people who work out all body parts at once, Willis likes to work out specific body parts on different days. This allows the other muscles to regenerate, and helps to reduce the chance of injury.

The core exercises that Willis does consist of bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, side planks, V-ups, planks, and Russian twists. His core muscles are activated in different ways thanks to these core exercises. Over the years, Willis has built up his core strength, and can now hold plank positions for up to four minutes.

One thing that Patrick Willis does a lot of, is something a lot of body builders ignore, which is cardio exercises. Willis is a big fan of cardio exercises, and includes them in his daily workout routine.


Before starting a workout, Willis begins with short cardiovascular exercises, which he uses to get his muscles in shape. His cardio workout routine consists of shadow boxing, sprints and rope jumping. He also credits all the cardio work he does for helping him become the NFL player that he was, because he could run on the field all day without getting tired, which was one of the reasons he was the best at what he did.

Willis works out between one and two hours each session, and he gives himself a 90 second break between activities.

Lean Protein Diet

As a professional athlete, Patrick Willis has to watch what he eats, which is why he has a personal chef to make sure that he is eating right. On a daily basis, Willis eats food that have a lot of lean protein. The foods he eats are eggs, chicken breasts, rice, fruits and vegetables, steaks, fish, and whole grains. He also takes supplements like multivitamins to make sure his body is receiving the daily vitamins that it needs.

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