[madbiceps name=Mike O’Hearn|biceps=21″|chest=51″|waist=36″|height=6ft 3 in|weight=247 lbs]

Mike O’Hearn is a fitness model and bodybuilder, and he is considered one of the best at what he does. Over the years, he has earned multiple bodybuilding awards and has appeared on the cover of a lot of fitness magazines, which means if you read those magazines on a regular basis, you have seen a picture of him on the cover.

In addition to bodybuilding, Mike O’Hearn is also a Judo champion as well as an actor, and he has appeared in the long running television show “Days of our lives.” Since he is mostly known for his sculpted physique, people often ask him how he got into bodybuilding. According to him, he was sort of born into it because his father was a former football player as well as a bodybuilder. Growing up in a large family with nine siblings also helped him gain interest in bodybuilding, because his brothers are also bodybuilders.

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When it comes to the motivation required to keep pushing himself on a daily basis despite the success he has had in his career, O’Hearn says that the fact that he is living his dreams provides him with all the motivation that he needs.

Powerlifting Combined With Bodybuilding

Mike O’Hearn is a big fan of powerlifting and he has been doing it for years. He took what he considered to be the best parts of the powerlifting technique, and combined them with basic exercises from bodybuilding, to come up with his own training program called “Mike O’Hearn’s Powerbodybuilding.” The training program can be purchased through his website for those that are interested in using it to sculpt their body like his.


Mike O’Hearn’s training program is a 12 week course designed to give you a similar physique to his, but don’t expect to look exactly like him, because it took him years to get his body where it is today. The workouts in his training program require you to work on different body parts on certain days, to avoid overworking your muscles and also give you enough time to recover. His training program also focuses on lifting heavy weights in order to gain muscle very quickly, so be prepared to do a lot of work.

smileFor his cardio workouts, Mike O’Hearn does a lot of work on the treadmill on high incline, or uses the step mill to switch things up. Even though he prefers using the treadmill to work on his cardio, he stresses that you don’t have to use it, and you can use whatever you prefer to work on your cardio. You can go jogging on a daily basis or go swimming if that is what you prefer.

4000 Caloried Per Day Diet

When it comes to his diet, Mike O’Hearn believes in eating a balanced diet that is rich in carbs, protein, and fiber. He generally eats between 3,500 and 4,000 calories every day, depending on the type of workout he has planned for the day. His diet consists of foods like oats, chicken, vegetables, rice, and anything that is low in fat and high in proteins. According to O’Hearn, it is important to eat a big meal after working out, because it helps your muscles recover, and provides you with the fuel to go through the rest of your day.

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