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Marc Fitt is a 23 year old fitness model and personal trainer from Canada. In the last couple of years, Fitt has become one of the top fitness models in the world, as well as one of the most sought after personal trainers. He has uploaded plenty of videos on YouTube, which have over 17 million views. He is also the fitness columnist for Global TV in Montreal, and the CEO of Beyond Yourself Clothing.

While Marc Fitt has parlayed his career as a fitness model into something bigger, he is always willing to help people who need pointers on how to get a physique like his, and he also has a foundation that benefits needy young orphans. So how does Marc Fitt maintain his physique? Read on to find out more.

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Marc Fitt’s Workout Routine

Marc Fitt credits his physique to his strict workout plan. While he shares a few of his workout techniques with the public, you have to pay in order to get the full workout routine. According to Fitt, his most effective workout involves a lot of exercises and repetitions. Unlike most fitness experts, he gives himself minimal rest times, in order to improve his cardio while training.

For him, in order to get a great physique, you have to feel the burn the entire time. He added that it helps to change your workout routine on a weekly basis. Fitt also added that he doesn’t do any cardio workouts, but recommends sprint interval training to help you burn calories and get ripped quicker. The sprint intervals involve doing 4-6 30 second sprints with one to four minute breaks in between. He also suggests doing it three days a week before breakfast for the maximum effects.

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Personally, Fitt works out six to seven days a week, depending on how he feels. He said he had maximum gains when he started working out for two hours every day. He alternates which body parts that he works out every day. His current routine is:

  • Monday: Chest abs, and calves.
  • Tuesday: Abs and back.
  • Wednesday: Calves, legs, and abs.
  • Thursday: Abs and shoulders.
  • Friday: Abs, triceps, biceps, and calves.
  • Saturday: Abs and legs.
  • Sunday: Day off or abs and calves.

He emphasizes working on your abs every day to help you gain and maintain a six pack.

High Protein Diet

To help him gain his desired muscle mass, Marc Fitt eats eight times a day, and tries to have a meal every 2-3 hours. According to him, you should eat a high protein, low carbohydrate diet for great muscle development.

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Marc Fitt also believes in using supplements to help you achieve the physique that you want faster. He drinks protein shakes as well as creatine, glutamine, and L-carnitine on a daily basis. Fitt also takes vitamins like Vitamin B on a regular basis. When it comes to the type of food in his diet, Marc Fitt said he eats egg whites, vegetables, chicken, and whole grains.

His best advice for people that are trying to be in the kind of physical shape that he is in is to remain optimistic and believe in everything that you do.

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