[madbiceps name=Lazar Angelov|biceps=19″|chest=47″|waist=34″|height=5ft 9 in|weight=195-200lbs]

Lazar Angelov is a former basketball player turned fitness model, and now works as a personal trainer. He has been interested in body building since he was a kid, but according to him, basketball was his true passion. He worked hard on his basketball skills, and eventually became the point guard on the Bulgarian national team.

While Angelov was on the national team, he also continued his other passion, which was bodybuilding, and he kept himself in great physical condition with intense workouts and a healthy diet. Angelov stopped playing basketball and enlisted in the military, which was where he decided to focus on bodybuilding.

After a year in the military, Angelov decided to use his bodybuilding knowledge to help others by becoming a fitness trainer. At first, he struggled to make ends meet, and had two jobs just to pay his bills. Eventually, things started working out for him, when he got a job as a fitness model. As a fitness model, he worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Nike.

The exposure he got as a fitness model helped him become a personal trainer, which is what he has been doing ever since. Today, he works with hundreds of clients and assists them in achieving their fitness and weight loss goals. His ultimate goal is to motivate others to achieve the same results as he has.

lazar angelov

Lazar Angelov’s Workout

Lazar Angelov believes in heavy lifting, because it allows him to maintain better muscle density. Unlike most people that try to work out every muscle group at once, Angelov believes in focusing on training one muscle group per day, which is why he works out five times a week. He also doesn’t believe in changing techniques, and sticks with basic exercises like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. But, Angelov uses different variations of these exercises to help different muscle groups become stronger.

In addition to the weight training, Angelov believes in doing cardio exercises for no longer than 20 minutes a week, to increase endurance and performance. He also recommends that people don’t exercise for more than 20 minutes because it causes loss of muscle mass.


Lazar Angelov’s Diet

Angelov likes to increase his body fat during the winter by 10-12 percent. He does this by eating foods that are high in muscle building proteins. His diet includes high amounts of saturated fats, which help to maintain a higher level of testosterone for additional strength gain. If you want to go on a lean diet, he recommends a low carb diet, which allows you to maintain muscle strength and mass without burning fat quickly. Some of the foods that he includes in his diet are: rice, chicken, salmon, peanut butter, cottage cheese, and eggs.

If you want to look like Lazar Angelov, you have to commit to working out on a consistent basis and following a strict diet. If you can do this, you will notice the difference in your body after a few weeks, but if you don’t fully commit to it, you will see only minimal improvement if any.

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