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Crashing into his opponents like a giant 226lbs sledgehammer, LaRon Landry is a force to be reckoned with on the field. During his college years, Landry was awarded the honor of being an All-American and ended his college career with a total of 12 interceptions and 315 tackles. As far as his NFL career is concerned, he has played for Washington Redskins, NY Jets, and Indianapolis Colts. Laron Landry is undoubtedly one of the most well-built NFL superstars ever to have played the game. In the following sections, we take an in-depth look at his workout regiment, diet, and supplementation to figure out how he built the hulk-like physique he has today.

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Workout Principles

laron landry body workoutWhen it comes to physique, LaRon Landry looks more like an amateur bodybuilder than an NFL defensive player. Landry has very low body fat percentage and has arms that are easily 20in. He has also managed to significantly bulk up in the last few years while always maintaining a chiseled abdominal section. If you plan to follow the LaRon Landry workout, then be prepared to spend a lot of time in the gym. He follows a custom workout plan which includes a lot of bodybuilding exercises. Very similar to bodybuilder’s workout schedule, LaRon works out 6 days a week and targets a different muscle group every day. This, of course, is in addition to the team training that involves various drills and cardio sessions. We list down some of LaRon’s training philosophies that have helped him over the years.

Tri-sets, Quad-sets, And Supersets: From supersets to the insane 4-in-a-row quad-sets, LaRon’s workout is designed to push every muscle fiber to its absolute breaking point. For every muscle group, Landry incorporates 1 or 2 tri-set and quad-set routines. By doing 3 to 4 heavyweight exercises in a row, LaRon is able to achieve the maximum number of muscle contractions in the least amount of time. For example, on his arm days he performs a quad-set that includes dips, dumbbell curls, EZ bar curls, and resistance band push downs. He performs all of these exercises one after the other and only takes a break when he finishes all 4.

Building A Physique That Has Tremendous Stopping Power: It very important for any NFL defensive player to build a body that can not only withstand crashes but has the power to stop opponents in their tracks. LaRon performs a lot of glutes and leg exercises that helps him get off the mark very quickly and turn his body into a meat seeking missile.

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No Calorie Restriction Diet

The LaRon Landry diet is not calorie restrictive plan. Instead, he has a lot of simple and complex carbohydrates every 2 to 3 hours all throughout the day. He gets most of his protein from meat sources such as chicken and fish. Being a MusclePharm athlete, it can safely be assumed that he gets a lot of supplements from the company for free. If that’s the case, LaRon should be taking the MusclePharm Assault as a pre-workout supplement and MusclePharm Combat protein powder to bump up his overall protein intake. LaRon was also recently photographed with a jar of amino acids so there is a good chance that it’s part of his supplement stack too. The athlete also does not believe in cutting out certain types of food and he continues to consume calorie-rich food to keep his body weight up.

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