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You have to be living under a rock to not hear the name Kobe Bryant. He is a whopping 17-time NBA All-Star and has helped his team LA Lakers win 5 championships. With almost 2 decades of professional NBA experience under his belt, Kobe Bryant has secured his place in basketball history and will most likely be compared with the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and other greats of the game. At 37, Bryant shows no signs of slowing down and still brings the same degree of professionalism and dedication to the court. We aim to find out his workout and nutrition secrets that have helped him acquire the legendary status he enjoys today.

666 Workout Plan

Back dayFollowing the Kobe Bryant workout routine is not for the weak. Kobe follows a 666 workout plan that is grueling to say the very least. This is a 6 hours a day workout plan that has to be performed 6 times a week for 6 months. The daily 6-hour workout includes a lot of different types of training sessions such as track training, basketball skills practice, cardiovascular training, and even an hour of weightlifting. The weightlifting session of the 6-hour daily routine is designed to target different body parts on different days. For anyone who wants to be a basketball player in the future and want to know how much work it takes to become one, Kobe manages to shoot around 700 to 1000 shots every single day. He also spends about 30 minutes every day honing his defensive slides and dribbling skills. Following are snippets of Kobe’s workout wisdom that has helped him retain his spot as top basketball player of his generation.

workout planGive Your Muscles Time To Recover: Working hard does not mean working without rest. During rest periods your body replenishes essential nutrients and the muscle fibers repair themselves. This is exactly why Kobe makes it a point to take a day off from training every single week. He also recommends other athletes to take adequate rest because it helps the muscles relax and remain injury free.

Push Yourself To The Next Level: Kobe’s mantra for success is that he has always been able to push himself to the next level whenever things got a little comfortable. This makes complete sense because even if you have the most hardcore workout routine, in time the body does get used to it. This is exactly when you should bump up the repetitions, pile on that extra plate, or push yourself for that extra minute to make the workout more difficult.

Strict Diet Plan

The Kobe Bryant diet plan is very strict and free from any junk food. Most of his meals have large portions of green and he gets his protein from lean sources of meat. It’s also been reported that Kobe follows a custom Paleo diet, which basically involves eliminating processed and carb-rich food from his diet.


Bryant also has incorporated organic green tea into his diet which is a great source for antioxidants. He also has something called bone broth on a regular basis. Prepared by LA Lakers’ official chef Sandra Padilla bone broth is a special soup that’s amazingly nutritious, energizing, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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