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From lifting a motorbike for an action sequence to doing a lot of his own stunts, John Abraham is the fitness icon of Bollywood. Widely known for his roles in Jism, Taxi No. 9211, Force, Kabul Express, and Madras Café, this model turned actor is like the Dwyane Johnson of the east. However, his super muscular physique is not god-gifted. It was only after years of proper diet and exercise that he got a physique that literally turns heads. Standing over 6 feet tall, the actor has a V-shaped torso, six pack abs, and humongous biceps. We take a detailed look at John Abraham’s fitness mantra in terms of diet and exercise.

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3 Principles of John’s Workout

We took a look at a lot of John’s interviews given to magazines and on TV shows where he talked about his workout principles. We list down some of his workout philosophies and techniques that helped him over the years to achieve the physique he has today.

Lift Your Own Body Weight: According to a TV interview given by John, one of the most effective exercises anyone can do is by lifting their own body weight. Whether it’s performing pull-ups or dips, make sure to include a free weight exercise that involves lifting your own weight.

body workoutDon’t Skip Cardio: John believes in mixing cardio with strength training. This makes total sense because strength exercises increase the muscle size while cardio sheds the fat and makes the muscles more visible. Combining the two in a single workout session can help you achieve visibly muscular body in a relatively shorter period of time. John gets most of his cardio from running and elliptical trainer.

Don’t Skip Leg Days: Most people concentrate on getting huge biceps and often end up skipping leg days. John shares that this is a big mistake. Mainly because leg workouts help shoot up the testosterone levels in the body which promote muscle growth and of course, it also helps you get a symmetrical physique. John’s leg workout includes regular squats, weighted lunges, and more.

Diet & Supplementation

John Abraham enthusiastically speaks about his diet and supplementation in his interviews and video posts on YouTube. We are going to list down some of the supplements he is on.

EFAs: In several of his interviews John talks about taking Essential Fatty Acids in the morning as they have a multitude of health benefits. He doesn’t talk about the specific brand but being part of the Ultimate Nutrition team it most likely is Ultimate Nutrition’s Omega 3.

Whey Protein Isolates: Being 94kg, John needs a lot of protein on a daily basis just to maintain his body. He recommends getting protein from natural sources such as egg whites. However, he does also lay down the importance of buying a good whey protein isolate. John Abraham is a brand ambassador for Ultimate Nutrition. Therefore, it’s obvious that he has ISO Nutrition by Ultimate Nutrition, a high quality hydrolyzed whey protein powder.


L-Carnitine: He talks about taking L-carnitine as it helps promote energy and fat loss simultaneously. Even though he doesn’t talk about the specific brand, we think Ultimate Nutrition L-Carnitine 1000 is part of his supplement stack.

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