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Jessica Biel is an actress that rose to fame in the television show 7th Heaven. Since the show ended, she has been in a lot of movies, most notably the A-Team. One thing Biel is famous for other than her acting skills is her physique. Jessica Biel is one of the fittest women in Hollywood, and she achieved her shape through hard work and dedication.

Jessica Biel works out regularly and also follows a strict diet, which is why she is able to get back in her previous shape a few months after giving birth to her first child. If you want to learn how to get a physique like Jessica Biel’s, here are some of her workout and diet secrets.

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Workout Routine and Cardio

As a Hollywood actress, Jessica Biel can afford to hire a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean that you need one to look like she does. All you need to do is commit to getting in great physical shape and eat healthy

workout routineAs a woman, Jessica Biel isn’t interested in building muscle mass, her workouts are about keeping her body tone and burning away excess fat. To achieve this, she observes a workout routine that includes plyometric exercises and weight training. She also works out 2-3 times a week, but adjusts her routine depending on the movie she is filming.

Jessica Biel’s workout routine starts with lunges and some light cardio work. When she was younger, she included a lot of gymnastics in her routine, but she stopped because it made her leg muscles and back a little weak. This is why she added cardio exercises to her routine. She also does strength exercises that tone her muscles.

When asked about her workout routine, her trainer said that “Plyometrics hurt. Even athletes hate them. But the secret to Biel’s body is her commitment.” Biel also practices Yoga a couple of times a week, and according to her, it keeps her muscles very flexible. When she isn’t in the gym, she tries to stay active by going jogging, biking, or playing volleyball.

Basic Principles of Jessica’s Diet


When it comes to her diet, Jessica Biel tries to avoid foods that aren’t healthy for her to consume. According to her, she likes to get a lot of sleep, drink lots of water, and she also stays away from alcohol. Like a lot of female celebrities, she tries to avoid junk foods, but she still eats food like French fries every once in a while. She believes that eating snacks is very important because snacks provide you with a constant flow of energy, especially if you are a very active person that is always up and about. She likes to snack on healthy foods like almonds. The other types of food that she eats on a regular basis include chicken, oatmeal, wheat toast, fish, vegetables, rice, fruit and chocolate.

While she usually lives a healthy lifestyle, Jessica Biel still enjoys sweets from time to time, especially when she is not filming a movie. For her the key is moderation. If you don’t do things in moderation, it means you don’t have discipline, which is necessary to have a body like hers.

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