[madbiceps name=Jeff Seid|biceps=17.5″|chest=46″|waist=31″|height=6ft 0 in|weight=170 lbs]

Jeff Seid is a young fitness model and bodybuilder that is currently making a name for himself. At age 21, he has one of the best physiques you will see, and from the way things are going, don’t be surprised to see him on the cover of major fitness magazines.

Seid was an athletic kid that played sports like football and wrestling, but he felt that he needed to be stronger in order to succeed in those sports. At the age of 12, he asked his parents to buy him a weight set for his birthday, which they did. Since then, he has trained constantly, and the hard work he put in is seriously paying off.

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For Jeff Seid, the motivation to continue training comes from a deep desire that he has to achieve the most out of his life. He enjoys taking chances so he doesn’t regret not taking them when he gets older. Jeff Seid got into bodybuilding due to an injury he sustained in his senior year in high school while playing football, and he hasn’t looked back ever since. When asked how he manages to maintain his physique, he said he credits his workout routine and diet. Since the 7th grade, Seid hasn’t missed his workouts for longer than a week, and when it comes to his diet, he watches everything he puts in his body.

Hardcore Workout Routine

As previously mentioned, Seid takes his workouts very seriously, so if you plan to do the same workouts that he does, you have to be fully committed to your routine. According to Seid, it is important to at least five days a week. The days that you take off depend on your schedule, but it is important that you give your muscles a day or two to recover from the strain you put on them during the week.

When it comes to the exercises that he does, Seid said he keeps things basic. He does regular training exercises like bench presses, curls, push-ups, calf raises, dips and shrugs. He also tries to work out different body parts each day he exercises, this allows the muscles to recover, and reduces the amount of soreness you feel after working out.

For Jeff Seid, doing high reps is very important. Some people prefer doing low reps of heavy weights, but for Seid, doing high reps of less heavy weights gets the job done better. Those high reps also help you with your endurance and stamina. Cardio is also a big part of Jeff Seid’s workout routine, he goes running in the morning a couple of times a week before hitting the gym to work out.


Eating Healthy

When it comes to his diet, Jeff Seid believes in eating healthy and avoiding junk food at all cost. He also believes in taking supplements to aid muscle growth. He usually uses supplements like whey protein, creatine, glutamine, multivitamins, BCAA, casein protein, and mass builders. When it comes to the food he eats, he sticks with whole grains, rice, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

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