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Jared Leto is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood because he is one of the few actors that can totally immerse themselves in the role they are playing, giving memorable performances in the process. He is also an accomplished musician and has said on numerous occasions that he enjoys playing with his band more, and considers acting a part time job.

jared workout routineLeto is known for his lean build, but like fellow actor Christian Bale, he is willing to gain weight or lose it for his movie roles. After getting cast in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, Leto decided to bulk up for his role as the Joker. From what we have seen in the previews for the movie, Leto is very ripped, which has led a lot of people to wonder how he was able to transform his body for the role.

Leto hired a personal trainer to help him get ready for the role, and he also changed his diet in order to get in top shape. You too can have a physique like Leto’s by following some of his workout routines.

Jared Leto Workout Routine

skinny bodyJared Leto is one of those guys that usually hates working out with weights, and prefers using alternative methods. He is an avid cyclist and a yoga enthusiast, which is why he never looks ripped in most of his movies with the exception of Fight Club.

To get himself ready for the role of the Joker, Leto decided to ditch his traditional Yoga practice and hit the gym. Leto needed to add some mass to his frame, so he did a lot of heavy weight lifting at first. He did 4-5 reps of the heavy weights to help add some muscle mass, and after he achieved that, he went back to doing high reps of lighter weights, in order to keep his muscle definition.

As a cycling enthusiast, Leto used cycling to improve his cardio. He would ride his bike on steep inclines in order to strengthen his leg muscles and also give his legs some definition. To get himself in his present shape, Leto worked out for 3-4 hours five days a week, and worked on different body parts each day he was at the gym.

Leto did a lot of exercises that help build muscle, like bench presses, curls, pull-ups, pushups, incline presses, squats, leg curls, and deadlifts. The exercises helped him develop his chest muscles, arms, and legs, while the cardio exercises and sit ups helped him develop his abs.

Jared Leto Diet

Jared Leto has been a vegan for years, which made his diet a little tricky. As a vegan, he couldn’t eat the types of food other people that want to bulk up eat, so he had to make a few substitutions. Since he couldn’t eat foods like steak or chicken, he opted for other sources of protein to help him gain lean muscles. He also ate a lot of organic fruits and vegetables for the vitamins and nutrients that he needed while working out.

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Leto was able to get energy from high carb foods like rice and whole grains, as well as unsalted nuts. He stayed away from junk foods, sweets, and alcohol as well.

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