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Hugh Jackman is one of the leading action stars in Hollywood that is mostly known for his work as Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Over the years, Jackman has reprised the role of Wolverine seven times, and his physique has changed drastically since the first X-Men movie he appeared in.

When asked about the way he has transformed his body over the years, Jackman said that he wanted to make the character more believable on the big screen. In the comics, Wolverine is a very ripped character, and Jackman felt he had to do the character some justice by getting in the best shape possible.

intense workout

In his most recent turn as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman took his training to another level, and hired personal trainer David Kingsbury to help him get in the best shape of his life.

If you are interested in learning how Hugh Jackman turned himself into a real life Wolverine, keep reading the article to find out.

Workout With Kingsbury

For Hugh Jackman, it took five months of intense training to achieve the physique that he had in The Wolverine. Since Jackman didn’t do any direct strength work prior to working with his current trainer, he mostly did 8-12 reps of any training exercise he was doing. Kingsbury changed that, and had Jackman doing 1-5 reps of heavy work. After the heavy work, he would then have Jackman doing high reps of lower weights. According to Kingsbury, the low reps increased Jackman’s strength, while the high reps increased his capacity. The combination of the two gave him his best gains.

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Hugh Jackman trained for 1-2 hours a day, six days a week to get his body where he wanted it to be. His trainer also credits his dedication to working out as one of the reasons he was able to gain his muscular physique. Another big reason he was able to get as ripped as he was for The Wolverine, was his diet. Jackman got some nutrition tips from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and implemented it into his own eating habits, which helped him gain the mass that he wanted to.

Carb Cycling Diet

x-menThe Food that Hugh Jackman ate while he was training for The Wolverine varied, but there was one constant, which was carb cycling. Jackman’s diet was created to ensure that he got the most out of his training. He would eat carbs on days that he worked out, and low carbs on days he was resting. He also stuck with natural foods during the training, and had to eat enough calories, so his body was well fueled during his training sessions.

Some of the food that Hugh Jackman ate during his training include white rice, asparagus, chicken, almonds, eggs, oatmeal, steak, potatoes, fish, and vegetables.

To make sure that he ate enough calories in a day, Jackman had to eat four to six meals a day. When talking about his diet, he said that he had to force himself to eat at times, which can be more difficult than motivating yourself to workout.

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