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Greg Plitt is a fitness model and bodybuilder who has dabbled in some acting as well. He is one of the most famous fitness models in the world and has appeared on the cover of numerous fitness magazines. Plitt was also one of the stars of Bravo’s workout, which aired from 2006-2008. Plitt is also a certified personal trainer, and works with a lot of celebrities that are trying to improve their physique for a movie role.

Update 17 Jan 2015: Death of Greg Plitt

In order for Greg Plitt to get the physique that he has today, he had to put in a lot of work at the gym, but the results have made all that work worth it. Plitt fell in love with weight training and bodybuilding at a young age, and decided that it was something that he wanted to pursue as a career. Once he fully committed to becoming a bodybuilder, he decided that he wanted to be one of the best in the business, which provided him with the motivation to continue doing it.

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Dedication and Hard Work

As previously mentioned, Plitt puts in a lot of time in the gym to get the physique that he has today, which means you will have to be fully dedicated in order to get a physique like his. Plitt works out five days a week, and gives his body two days of rest so that his muscles can recover better. He also uses a high volume approach to lifting, which means he does a lot of reps in order to get his muscles the way he wants them.

The high reps that Plitt does aren’t recommended for people who are just starting out, because it will wear them out. Instead of high reps, you can start with half of the reps he does, if it is still too much, then reduce the reps until you get to a point where you do enough reps to tire you out without hurting yourself.

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In addition to his strength training, Plitt also does three to five cardio workouts per week. This is to help him increase his stamina and endurance, while also cutting away any fat in his body. While most bodybuilders favor running as their method of cardio, Plitt enjoys swimming instead, because swimming burns fat, but also builds muscle and endurance at the same time.

If Plitt feels like certain body parts are starting to lag behind others, he increases his workouts and focuses on those body parts to make sure he has a well-rounded physique.

A Caverman Diet

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Greg Plitt credits his diet for allowing him to gain the physique that he has today. Unlike most bodybuilders who eat 6-8 times a day, Greg Plitt uses a “caveman” diet that consists of liquids and whole foods. The plan requires you to eat only one solid food per day, and the rest is liquid. The reason for this is that the body easily absorbs liquids, and they supply nutrients in exact amounts.

Before you start wondering how you can survive on one meal a day, the diet is only for four weeks, but you will see results within those four weeks.

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