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If you were born after 1979, you probably don’t know who Frank Zane is, but if you are into fitness and bodybuilding, you should know who he is. Frank Zane is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world, and a three time Mr. Olympia winner.

At his peak, Frank Zane arguably had the best physique in the world. Zane was actually as big, if not bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, before he went on to become a movie star. He also beat Schwarzenegger in the Mr. Olympia contest. If you want to learn how to get the best physique possible, Frank Zane is the man you want to listen to. He is a legend that has been around long enough to know what you need to do and what you don’t need to do to achieve the perfect body.


You would think that age will eventually slow Zane down, but apparently not. He is still a very active bodybuilder and has a body that will put a lot of younger men to shame. He has a private gym where he teaches “The Zane program” to a lot of people who are trying to achieve the type of body that he has.

Heavy Training Combined With Light Training Routine

workoutUnlike most body builders who either use the heavy training or light training routine, Zane actually prefers both. When he was training for a lean physique, he did a lot of light weights with low reps. The approach helped him achieve a phenomenal physique, which helped him win a lot of bodybuilding titles, but he fell short at the Mr. Olympia contest.

After losing Mr. Olympia, Zane decided to switch things up and did low reps of heavier weights. He dropped his reps down to 8-12 per set, as a result, he added a lot of size to his physique. Switching to low reps of heavy weights also helped him win the Mr. Olympia contest in 1977.

Injuries sustained during workouts forced Zane to eventually stop lifting heavy weights, and switch back to his old routine of high reps of light weights. According to him, lifting heavy weights allows you to hold your size longer, if you stop lifting for a while. On the other hand, lifting light weights requires you to constantly workout to maintain your physique.

To achieve his Mr. Olympia winning physique, Zane did thigh exercises, leg extensions, squats, leg curls, calf raises, Roman chair sit-ups, incline knee ups, and hyperextension exercises.

8 Meals a Day Diet – Is it Enough?

fz3Unlike a lot of bodybuilders who eat up to eight meals a day, Frank Zane doesn’t believe it is necessary. According to him, you should eat several hours before you work out, but there is no need to force feed yourself to eat every two hours. When he is in training, Zane eats only when he is hungry. For him, the key to not losing muscle mass is to make sure that you don’t wait up to eight hours before your next meal.

When it comes to what he actually eats, Zane said that he eats a lot of protein and not too much carbs. His diet consists of chicken, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and rice.

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