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Probably one of the most well known athletes in the world, Floyd Mayweather is also the world’s highest paid as he raked in $300million this year from fighting Manny Pacquiao and several endorsement deals. Considered the greatest boxer of his generation, Mayweather retired from professional boxing undefeated, winning all of his 49 professional bouts. In the following sections we find out how exactly how Mayweather tunes his workout sessions and diet to get in shape before a fight.

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Old School Workout Routine

Mayweather utilizes a lot of different types of training techniques to prepare himself mentally and physically before a big fight. For example, just before his fight with Manny, Mayweather was photographed chopping wood with an axe. This is an old school training method that requires tremendous upper body strength. Just like Rocky Balboa, he is also known for going out for long running sessions out on the streets. These of course are supplemented by his regular gym training where he develops his technique, endurance, and strength by working the heavy bag, performing mitt workouts, hitting the speedball platform, and more. Mayweather is careful not to talk about his exact training routine to keep it a secret from his competitors. However, he does not shy away from giving fitness tips that he has successfully used over the years. We gather some of the most valuable fitness advices coming from the great man himself.

Play Different Sports: When you are doing the same exercises day in and day out your body gets into a comfort zone. This is dangerous especially if you are a professional boxer. Mayweather suggests playing a physically demanding sport on a regular basis. Playing a sport keeps the muscles surprised and forces them to become stronger. Playing a sport for fun also helps you get your daily dose of cardio and increases your stamina.

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Use Interval Training To Boost Stamina: Interval training is all about performing high intensity cardio for a brief period then immediately following it up with low intensity cardio. This is an amazing workout technique that helps shed body fat and boost endurance. Among other things, Mayweather utilizes this technique to condition his body before a fight.

Workout With A Gym Buddy or A Trainer: A trainer of a workout partner can keep you on your toes and make sure you remain motivated throughout your training session. A good trainer or a gym partner also knows when to push you to get that one more rep out of you. Mayweather works out with his trainer who is a difficult taskmaster and makes sure every session is more brutal than the last one. To utilize this Floyd Mayweather workout philosophy find a friend who is equally motivated and has the same fitness goals as you do.

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Natural Food Diet

When it comes to nutrition, Mayweather does not leave any stone unturned nor does he spare any expenses. According to his personal chef Quiana Jeffries, it takes a lot of fine tuning and hard work to prepare the Floyd Mayweather diet. She also reveals that his meals are tuned to match his goals, his upcoming fight, and his present body condition. Mayweather relies on natural food sources and has an uncompromised stance on consuming fresh and organic food. Most of the veggies and fruit Mayweather has are picked up from farmers market on a regular basis to ensure freshness and quality.


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