Flex Lewis and Workout Partner

I have been bodybuilding for a number of years and I’ve done it alone and I’ve done it with a workout partner.  I have to say, hands down, that the best work I do in the gym is when I have a training partner that is at the same level as me and who pushes me to do more.  There is no question about that.I had a workout partner years ago and it was an awesome situation.  I have never enjoyed working out as much in my life, but then he got transferred and I found myself alone at the gym.  It was ok at first, but soon I started just going through the motions and skipping exercises I didn’t like and not really pushing to the point of failure.


Why? Because I didn’t have someone in my ear motivating me to do more.  I didn’t have someone who depended on me to be “on” while I was at the gym.  I have always found that  my mood definitely determines what type of workout I’m going to have.  And if I’m a little draggy, it shows in my training.  When I train with someone who enjoys the sport as much as I do, it automatically puts me in a better frame of mind and I push a little harder.It’s lonely when you are having to do everything all by yourself and you don’t have anyone to discuss diet and posing, supplements, and all the other aspects of being a bodybuilder.  You can only read so many bodybuilding magazines to get advice on all these things.  It’s better when you can discuss them with a like minded partner who has similar goals and training philosophies.On top of that, a good workout partner will be a great source of moral support and this can help to intensify your workouts so you get every bit that you can from every single rep you perform.  Did I mention friendly competition?  You will be amazed at how much you push yourself to keep up with your partner.  This is powerful!So what should you look for in a workout partner?

Here are some of the key things that you should look for in a training partner:

  • Reliability – Do they show up for every workout?
  • Compatibility – Do you generally get along or do you argue?
  • Like Minded – Do you have similar ideas for succeeding in bodybuilding?
  • Goal Oriented – Do they have goals or do they just show up to push weight around?
  • Motivation – Does having this person around intensify the workout and motivate you to be better?


If you can find a workout partner that has the traits listed above, you have probably found the perfect workout partner.One more thing I personally look for in a workout partner is some creativity when it comes to exercises.  I don’t like to get all crazy, but I get bored very easily and I don’t want to do the same exercises week in and week out.So if you’ve never had a workout partner, think about getting one, but be choosy.  Not everyone is cut out to be a good and reliable training partner.  Take your time to get the right partner.Why It’s Important to Have a Workout Partner.

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