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Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a popular figure, an actor, a producer and wrestler. He was born in 1972 in Hayward California into a family with so much passion for wresting. He grew up with love for body building, exercise and wrestling. Early in his life, Dwayne The Rock Johnson started out as an American college football player for the University of Miami, a young career that ended due to a back injury. He then joined the world wrestling federation (WWF), a career he prospered in. He famously would feud with the likes of Steve Austin and for six times, went ahead to win the WWF heavyweight championship title.

After quitting wrestling , The Rock started a flourishing career in acting, where he has played star characters in movies such as The Game Plan, The Scorpion King, The Driver, Hercules and lately the famous Fast And Furious 6, Furious 7 and San Andreas, just to mention a few.


His physique has continued to improve as he grows older, his muscles continue to get pumped. His fitness has left many wondering, what is his diet? Why is his body so well cut out? Well, the secret is in his lifestyle, more about his workout principles and diet.

The Rock Johnson’s Workout Principles

dw5When he gets into the gym, Dwayne The Rock Johnson puts all his mind into training. He shuts all the craziness of life outside and concentrates on training hard, usually with some nice big headphones on. He likes to listen to hardcore Hip-hop and a little Metallica. He says that music is important to keep his mind on track, to let him have some alone time with himself.

As you might have noticed, he actually looks bigger and sturdier every other time you see him. The rock doesn’t train to maintain, he trains to progress.

The rock trains hard and heavy, he does all the basic and dirty weight lifting many people do not want to do. His workout principles focuses more on the muscle building and keeping body fat as low as possible. He spends six days in the gym, and one day off to allow his body to rest. He spends three out of the six workout days concentrating on muscle building; putting a lot of effort into lifting weights. The three other days he concentrates more on burning calories and keeping his weight in check. Every day he does a different part of the body, to ensure very part is given enough attention, but not overworked.

With his demanding career, it is important for him to keep his body fit all through. He achieves that by doing warm-up exercises before starting sessions and then giving himself some time to cool down after every session. leg workout

It is all about the passion for working out. If you got the passion, keep doing it. Start at your own pace, not necessarily as high reps as The Rock’s. With continued practice and a disciplined routine, you will pick up pace start seeing progress.

Dwayne Johnson Diet

To build a strong body The Rock takes a diet consisting of lots of proteins and carbohydrates. He puts a lot of focus on proteins since they are the main body building food element, then starch for the energy. He takes lots of water to keep him well hydrated. In fact he says that to boost his metabolism, he slams around a liter of water before breakfast. . He stresses the importance of proper nutrition as it helps him check on weight and add muscle.


Dwayne Johnson’s diet consists of 7 meals a day, sometimes even more, all meant to support his muscle growth by eating enough proteins. He eats lots of proteins, vegetables with starch and fibrous carbs.

The Rock’s daily diet includes:

  • Fish and chicken for lunch, then adds some greens
  • He takes protein shakes all through the day
  • White rice, broccoli and cauliflower
  • For dinner he eats either fish or chicken

The sessions are tough and demanding, but with time they become easier. You also start to see the changes in your muscle. While Dwayne Johnson’s biceps and general physique could be partly a factor of his genetics, a lot is actually attributed to his workout routine and diet. A personal trainer and a diet specialist is a good idea, but even without one, adopting such a well defined routine will definitely result in a bigger, better and stronger physique.

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