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David Beckham is one of the most popular athletes in the world, at his peak, he was one of the best soccer players in the world, and played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, like Manchester United and Real Madrid.

During his playing career, the English international was not only known for bending free kicks, he was also known for his physique. As a soccer player, Beckham was not ripped like athletes that play American Football, but he was very fit, and had a lean muscular physique. The running around he did on the soccer pitch helped to keep him in shape, but he also credits the time he put in at the gym and his nutrition, for giving him the body he has.

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Even though he has retired from his sport, Beckham is still in very good shape, and has parlayed it into a successful modelling career.

Indoor and Outdoor Workout

David Beckham does a lot of indoor and outdoor exercises to keep himself in shape, and focuses more on compound movements and exercises than he does weightlifting. He does a lot of cardiovascular exercises, agility training, and abdominal routine exercises. As a soccer player, Beckham did a lot of special training exercises like plyometrics, to help him increase his speed and quickness on the field. He avoided heavy weight training throughout his career because they can make his body bulky with excess muscles, which wouldn’t have allowed him to move the way he needed to as a soccer player.

cardioWhen it comes to working out, Beckham prefers to do full body workouts, instead of working out different body parts at a time. The high intensity workouts that he does help to maximize his heart rate. A cardiovascular workout for Beckham consists of a five minute run at 85 percent of his maximum heart rate. After the run, he waits four minutes and resumes the run. At the end of the workout, he ends up doing three sets of the runs.

Beckham switches up the cardiovascular routine from time to time to avoid it becoming monotonous. Instead of doing five minute runs at 85 percent heart rate, he does 15 minute runs at 95 percent heart rate. He then takes a one minute break before starting over again. He also does three sets of those before stopping.

Another cardiovascular routine that Beckham does is called 60 yard turnarounds. This requires you to run 60 yards full sprint, then turn around and run full sprint to your starting position. After getting back to the starting position, Beckham rests for one minute, then does it again. He usually does 8-10 sets of the exercise, which is why you hardly ever saw him gassed when he played.

Diet Principles

As an athlete, Beckham had to keep his body in top condition, which means he had to be careful about what he ate. To keep his body lean, Beckham consumes a lot of protein, most of which comes from eating chicken. He also eats a lot of vegetables to provide him with nutrients, vitamins, and roughage.

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Beckham also eats a lot complex carbs like soybeans, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage. He avoids white rice and bread because they contain high glycemic carbs.

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