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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular athletes in the world, and is known for having one of the best physiques as well. He currently plays for Real Madrid, which is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, and has won almost every prestigious award in soccer.
When it comes to his physique, Cristiano Ronaldo is a very disciplined person and dedicates a lot of time to working out and being in the best shape possible. As a soccer player, he benefits from having to run around the pitch for 90 minutes each game, which is why he has very little body fat.

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As an athlete, he also has the benefit of having a personal trainer and a nutritionist available to him, to help him achieve his fitness goals. Despite having people around to help him stay fit, he still has to put in the work, which isn’t as easy as it seems. While most of us don’t have personal trainers to help us get fit, you can still achieve a physique like his by doing some of the same exercises that he does.

Long 3-5 Hours Workouts

ronaldo dietCristiano Ronaldo performs long workout routines to help stay in great shape. He works out between 3-5 hours per day, five days a week, and enjoys doing a lot of cardio exercises as well as some weight lifting exercises.

Prior to the start of each training session, Ronaldo warms up by doing a little running. After he finishes his 15 minute run, he heads to the gym to do some weight lifting. The exercises he does at the gym include squats, bench presses, and push-ups. After working out his upper body, Ronaldo focuses on his lower body. The exercises he does to strengthen his lower body include lat pull downs and leg raises. Other exercises Ronaldo enjoys doing to stay in shape includes swimming and soccer drills, which help improve his cardio as well as his coordination on the pitch.

Another thing that Ronaldo does to ensure that his body is properly taken care of, is making sure that he gets eight hours of sleep each day. It is a good strategy to have, because doctors recommend that people try to get that much sleep each day because it makes them more functional. For people who work out, getting that much sleep is great for the body, because it gives the muscles some extra time to recover.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

As a soccer player, Ronaldo knows that he has to keep his body in great shape, so he is very particular about what he eats and drinks. To avoid his body betraying him early, Ronaldo tries to avoid drinking alcohol. This is not to say that he never drinks, it just means that he doesn’t drink a lot, especially during the season.

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When it comes to what he eats, Ronaldo avoids junk food at all times. He sticks with foods that are high in protein, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Ronaldo eats about 6 meals per day, to give his body nutrients to help muscles recover quickly, and to help him build some mass. He also drinks a lot of protein shakes, and avoids sugar as much as possible.

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