[madbiceps name=Clay Matthews|biceps=19″|chest=47″|waist=33″|height=6ft 3 in|weight=255 lbs]

Clay Matthews is one of the most famous players in the NFL, and one of the best defensive players in the league. If you have ever seen him in action, you would have noticed that he also has one of the best physiques in the NFL.

As an athlete, Matthews is expected to be in great shape, but he also puts in a lot of work in the gym. Since he is a professional athlete, Matthews has the benefit of having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a personal chef to make sure he is eating right and also eating the right quantity. These perks make it easy to stay in great shape, but there also has to be a desire to want to get in great shape.


Clay Matthews’s physique has helped him get on the cover of numerous fitness magazines, and even some small roles in movies. If you ask him how he managed to get in such great shape and maintain it, he will be the first to tell you it was through hard work and dedication. If you want to get a similar physique, there is no short cut, which means you have to be ready to put in a lot of work at the gym. If you remain committed to doing the work, you too can have a physique like he does.

7 Days a Week Workout

As an athlete, Clay Matthews has no choice but to workout in the gym almost every day, if he wants to keep his spot in the starting lineup. Since his job involves a lot of running around, Matthews does a lot of cardio work to keep himself in condition to handle all the running he has to do on Sundays. He spends a lot of time running on a daily basis to improve his endurance, he also likes to swim, because it improves his cardio and also works out the whole body.

heavy weight

When it comes to the Gym, Matthews likes doing low reps of heavy weights, because it allows him to build his muscles, and also helps to improve his strength, which is important for a linebacker in the NFL. Matthews does a lot of bench presses, squats, curls, calf raises, chin ups, leg presses, and deadlifts. Matthews even mixes in some Pilates when he can. Clay Matthews likes to work out six days a week, but during the football season, he cuts it back to avoid injuries.

Six Meals a Day

Athletes are known to take good care of their body, and Clay Matthews is no different. Matthews tries to eat at least six meals a day, in order to provide his body with the fuel it needs to keep going. His diet is heavy in proteins and complex carbs. He eats foods like eggs, chicken, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables. According to him, he tries to stay away from candy, soda, and fast food, but he did admit that he enjoys some bacon from time to time. Matthews also enjoys drinking protein shakes if he misses a meal, that way his muscles can still recover after a hard workout.

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