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Christian Bale is an actor most famous for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series. Bale is known as a character actor that immerses himself into a role to make the character more convincing. Prior to filming Batman Begins in 2005, Bale was in the movie the Machinist. For the Machinist role, he lost 61 pounds, which is 33 percent of his body weight, and looked like an anorexic person. But a year later, he was back to 185 pounds for the role of Batman, and was in great physical shape. So. How was he able to accomplish such a feat?

Christian Bale Batman workout routine

Christian Bale Workout

Christian Bale’s training program for the role of Batman consisted of explosive power movements, compound exercises, agility and speed training. All of which made him look like he could be a real crime fighting hero.

He achieved his physique by doing basic exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and military presses. He had the help of a personal trainer that helped him with a workout routine that helped him gain lean muscles in a very short time span. He also did a lot of running, and ran for three hours on a daily basis. His workout routine was designed to help him gain a lean, muscular physique very quickly, because he has a time frame in which he had to accomplish it. For regular people that don’t have a deadline to look as physically fit as Christian Bale was in the movie, the workouts don’t have to be rushed, and can be broken down to a routine that doesn’t require you to run three hours a day.

Christian Bale Batman diet

Christian Bale’s Nutrition

As previously mentioned, Christian Bale had to gain a lot of weight quickly for his role in Batman Begins, because he dropped to 121 pounds for his role in The Machinist. Since he didn’t have enough time to gain the weight back at a regular pace, he went on a big carb diet heavy on bread and pasta. He gained 60 pounds on that diet, and gained an additional 39 pounds eating chicken, tuna, and steamed vegetables. According to Bale, he put on 100 pounds in five months, which wasn’t healthy, and also led to mood swings.

It is not advisable to go on a diet like that because of the health risks involved, but you can still use it to gain some weight if you are trying to build muscles. Instead of force feeding yourself like he did, you can create your own diet from the food groups that he used, and combine it with regular workouts to achieve the same results. You should consume enough calories to gain and preserve muscles while still losing fat, consume your carbohydrates in the form of green vegetables and foods like rolled oats and Ezekiel bread. Consume carbs in the morning, proteins after your workout, and foods with saturated fats in the evenings. In a few months, you too will have the Christian Bale Batman physique.

You have to remember that eating the food without working out on a regular basis isn’t a good idea, because you are going to be putting on weight instead of building muscles if you don’t.

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