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Probably one of the top running backs in the game, Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson believes in keeping himself fit all year round. Being the NFL record holder for the most rushing yards, Peterson forces himself through an insane workout regimen and diet which gives him that athletic edge when he is on the green. All the diet and exercise has helped Peterson achieve a physique that’s worthy of any fitness magazine cover. We take an in-depth look at his daily workout routine and nutrition and help you figure out what it takes to be an NFL offensive player.

Explosive Athletic Performance

adrian peterson body workout

It’s important to understand that Peterson’s physique is not built for looking pretty. His every muscle fiber is geared towards delivering explosive athletic performance on the field. This is why, his training principles are in a lot of ways different from a movie star or a bodybuilder. Now, because he is a professional athlete a lot of his daily exercise comes in the form of conditioning drills. Peterson supplements his conditioning training with heavy-duty resistance workout that targets different body parts all throughout the week. Following are Peterson’s 3 training principles that help him stay in shape both on and off season.

explosive energy dietMix It Up: The 30-year-old NFL star does not believe in sticking to a set routine. Instead, he continuously changes his workouts. He does a lot of track training which involves sprinting, cone drills, tree-trippers, and more. He has also been doing MMA workouts for some time now. He says that the MMA training has gone a long way in developing his on-field agility and endurance. If these weren’t enough, he also makes his way to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and does resistance training to target his different muscle groups. His overall training is grueling to say the least and relies a lot on mixing up different kinds of workout styles.

Combine Resistance Training With Heavy-duty Cardio: If we had to take away one thing from Adrian Peterson’s workout then it has to be how well he combines resistance and endurance training. This is a great mix because it helps in not only developing the muscles and promoting strength, but it also boosts athletic performance and endurance. Now, if you intend to follow the Adrian Peterson workout then you need to accommodate both cardio and resistance training in your daily training schedule.

No Shortcuts: In a lot of his interviews and YouTube videos, Peterson talks passionately about how important it is to put in that effort. He believes that hard work is the only way forward and only by sweating it out in the gym and on the training grounds can an athlete be truly prepared for a game.

No Calorie Counting Diet

no calorie count diet

The Adrian Peterson diet does not involve calorie counting or restrictive eating. His rigorous training routine forces him to have a lot of calories from different sources just so that he can maintain his 218lbs body weight. He relies on a lot of different types of natural food sources to get his daily macronutrients. He gets his protein from, egg whites, chicken, fish, and Cytosports Muscle Milk Powder.

When it comes to consuming complex and simple carbs, Peterson gets his daily dose from pancakes, pasta, baked potatoes, and vegetables. He has a total of 6 meals a day which include his pre-workout and post-workout supplements. Adrian Peterson’s workout schedule involves a lot of calorie burning exercises. This is why he needs to consume a lot of calories throughout the day. To meet his daily requirements, he even has a nighttime snack just before hitting the bed.

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