A perfect snack should supply your body with copious amounts of high-quality protein as well as essential micronutrients such vitamins and minerals. A hunger-curbing meal should also have good fiber content. Now, the problem is there are very few natural whole food choices that fit those criteria. This is why protein bars comes in as a welcome relief to all the bodybuilders, athletes, and dieters. We tried to review as many as we could get our hands on and rated them in terms of overall nutritional value and taste. Following are our list of 4 best protein bars for women and men in 2016.

#4 Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Muscle Bar

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Arnold Schwarzenegger chose to put his name on this bar. Need we say more? Created by MusclePharm this power packed protein bar does not hold back any punches. A single bar is 90g which is enough to annihilate a midnight craving or a late afternoon stomach rumble. A single bar gives 30g of protein which is more or less the same amount you get from a single scoop of a whey protein isolate. The bar also contains 30g of complex carbohydrate and 16g of fat. On the negatives, the bar contains a 7g of sugar, 25mg of cholesterol, and 355mg of sodium. Now, if you are working out to gain mass all that sugar, fat, and cholesterol probably won’t make a difference. However, it does pose a problem if you are on a super-restrictive weight loss diet. Being a MusclePharm product, there was never really any doubt that these bars would be out-of-this-world tasty. It is currently available in cinnamon bun, chocolate brownie, and chocolate peanut butter flavor. Try the chocolate peanut butter and you will never reach out for a regular candy bar ever again. Overall this is a hardcore protein bar that tastes amazingly well.

#3 MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bars

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Ranking number 3 on our list is another MusclePharm product and this time it’s the Combat Crunch Bar. The bar weighs 63g and contains about 20g of protein and 28g of complex carbs. MusclePharm also successfully kept the calorie count low with only 210 calories per bar. What we also liked is the fact that it contains very little sugar and fat. The MusclePharm Combat Crunch bars are legendary when it comes to taste. It’s not only available in a variety of flavors including cookies n cream, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate brownie, cinnamon twist, and chocolate chip cookie dough but also comes packed with drool-worthy taste. The only thing we think this bar could have done better is come in a slightly bigger size. Coupled with great taste and a comparatively smaller size you are always left craving for a little more. Overall, this is a great product that hits the bull’s eye on nutrition and taste.

#2 BPI Sports FunnBar

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This is a relatively new product that sneaked into our list to grab the number 2 rank thanks to its zero sugar and zero fat formula. Made for snacking convenience, these relatively small bars weigh just 44g and packs in a decent 15g of protein. The FunnBar also comes with 20g of complex carbohydrate and 10g of dietary fiber. This bar is meant for anyone who is on a cutting phase and wants to stay off anything that has a hint of sugar or fat. The only thing that kept it from grabbing the top spot on our list is its taste. Focused on keeping sugar and fat off the nutrition chart, BPI Sports FunnBar doesn’t even come close to taste as good as a Quest bar or a Combat Crunch. However, the taste is good enough to kill sugar cravings and mild hunger pangs. Flavor-wise BPI gives you enough options to choose from including caramel and chocolate, citrus blast, cookies and cream, grape, tropical berry, and watermelon. Overall this is a great bar for anyone who wants to keep their cravings in check without piling on the sugar and fat intake.

#1 Quest Nutrition Quest Bundle

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No prizes for guessing the best protein bar 2016 on our list. Quest Nutrition continues to make some of the best tasting protein bars and somehow manages to keep the calorie count low and pack it with enough protein to satiate any gym rat. If you do not know it already Quest bars weighs 60g and packs in about 20 to 21g of protein depending on the flavor. Quest bars also have very less sugar content which is about 1 to 2g per bar. With 180 calories per bar, these are ideal for any dieters as well as bodybuilders. Quest Nutrition also does not cheap out and use inferior protein sources such as soy just to bump up the overall protein percentage. Every single Quest bar is made from pure whey protein isolates. There are no shortages of flavors or bundle packs to choose from and Quest Nutrition continues to introduce new flavors on a regular basis. Quest bars have been dominating the protein bar market for years now and have no intention of letting go of their top position.

Why Protein Bars Are Useful?

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Snacking is a huge challenge which can be the difference between a chiseled 6 pack abs and a pot belly. The key is not to starve the body when hunger strikes. Instead, focus on having a high protein food with limited carb and zero sugar. Protein bars are great for keeping the hunger down without accidentally having something you should not have. When choosing any protein bar just make sure to read the label and stay clear of the ones that have too much sugar or fat. You should always keep in mind that protein bars are for sudden cravings and hunger pangs and should not be used as meal replacements.

This is mainly because they lack the quantities of macronutrients and micronutrients you would otherwise get from a full meal. However, these bars are awfully convenient during travel and perfect for gifting your gym freak buddies. Unlike most supplements, there is no perfect time for when you should have a protein bar. Instead, these are made for pure indulgence with none of the associated guilt. We also suggest not to get too much caught up in the nutritional facts and instead concentrate on finding a great tasting bar.

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