There are a lot of expectations from a pre workout supplement right from boosting energy and endurance to supplying a dose of BCAAs and protein. This is why pre workout drinks are such a convenience. They contain a mix of pre workout ingredients and are ready to drink right off the bottle. These supplements are perfect for anyone who hits the gym right after office and don’t have the time or convenience of creating a pre workout concoction. Which ready-to-drink pre workout supplements is worth your money? To answer that, we went ahead and reviewed a bunch of them. Following are our list of 4 best pre workout drinks of 2016.

#4 WWSN Nos Pumped Punch

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Sneaking its way into our list to grab the number 4 ranking is the WWSN Nos Pumped Punch. This drink prepares your body for an intense workout and has pretty nice ingredients up its sleeves. As the name may have revealed it already, this supplement is geared towards boosting Nos production and give you that awesome pump. One bottle of WWSN Nos Pumped Punch contains 13.4g of what the company calls Extreme Nos Pumped Complex. This complex contains a blend of arginine and citrulline malate. Arginine gets converted into nitric oxide, which in turn causes the blood vessels to widen and improve circulation.

Citrulline malate, on the other hand, improves performance as well as gives you a great pump. Most pre workout drinks rely on either arginine or citrulline. The fact that the WWSN Nos Pumped Punch relies on both makes it a highly potent pre workout drink. A single bottle of the WWSN Nos Pumped Punch also contains 200mg of caffeine which boosts mental focus, promotes thermogenesis, and supplies you with oodles of energy. However, this is also a negative aspect as a lot of athletes don’t really care for the jittery energy high brought on by excess caffeine consumption.

#3 Inner Armour Impact N.O. RTD

third place

Securing the 3rd rank on our list Impact N.O. RTD by Inner Armour comes in with a whole barrage of pre workout benefits. Not just restricted to boosting energy, the Impact N.O. RTD increases strength, promotes fat loss, and boosts NO production. The first thing that needs to be said about the Impact N.O. RTD is that it has a zero calorie, zero sugar, and zero carb formulation. This makes the product ideal for anyone who is aiming at getting a ripped physique. Available in cans of 250ml, the Impact N.O.

RTD contains 1081mg of arginine for its Nos boosting property, 500mg of L-carnitine for fat loss and energy, and 150mg of caffeine for mental focus. The drink also contains a 1600mg beta alanine complex. Lastly, Inner Armour also packs in 100mg of Rhodiola root powder, which is a well known natural energy booster. The reason why it failed to secure a higher ranking is because it’s only available in fruit punch flavor. This is a big disadvantage as most people get easily bored having the same flavor day in and day out.

#2 American Body Building Speed Stack

american body

Falling short of being the best pre workout drink on our list, the American Body Building Speed Stack definitely deserves a place in your shortlist. This is mainly because ABB checks all the right boxes by putting in some great ingredients and managing to come up with some amazing flavors. Let’s first take a look at the ingredients. Available in 18 fluid ounce bottles, ABB Speed Stack includes a proprietary blend called Methxanth stack.

This is a 960mg blend of a long list of natural ingredients right from caffeine and guarana extract to cocoa and orange extract. ABB does not reveal the quantity of the individual ingredients in the blend which kind of leaves things in the dark. This is also the sole reason why it failed to top our list. As far as flavors are concerned you will never regret buying American Body Building Speed Stack. Available in berry bomb, fruit punch, grape, and mango peach all the flavors are tasty to say the least. Take our word for it and try the mango peach for an awesome dose of deliciousness. Overall, this is a great tasting drink that packs in some great natural ingredients.

#1 CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein Drink

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Even though it’s not a typical pre workout drink, we think CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein gives you everything you need before a strenuous workout. This is because it does not rely on ingredients to deliver an artificial energy high. Instead, CytoSports supplies one thing that’s necessary for muscle growth, protein. Delivering 32g of protein per bottle, this supplement gives you more protein than a single scoop of whey protein isolate. The drink is also free from any sugar or fat which is something most whey protein products fail to eliminate.

CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein Drink is a product that works well as a pre workout as well as post workout supplement. The reason why we rated it higher than any other product is because it delivers a potent dose of protein, which honestly most pre workout supplements fail to deliver. The fact that it has a stimulant-free formulation also makes it perfect for drinking throughout the day and not just before a workout. When it comes to taste this CytoSport product simply does not disappoint. Try the tangerine flavor if are up for a tangy dose of awesome taste.

Pre Workout Drinks – Are They Important?

Pre workout drinks are manufactured for convenience. Geared for working professionals who don’t really have the time or resources to make themselves a pre workout drink, these supplements are successful in creating a market for themselves. Most pre workout supplement reviews rate products based on caffeine content and other ingredients that promote pump or energy. However, it’s not just about feeling pumped up before an insane workout.

It’s perhaps more important to supply the body with some high-quality BCAAs and proteins. This is exactly why we gave CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein Drink a top ranking. When having a pre workout drink you should bear one thing in mind and that is having more is definitely not better. Stick to having only one bottle or can. This is because too much liquid in your system can make you feel bloated and can even lead to vomiting.

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