If you consider BCAAs to be the precision guided bombs of the supplement industry then the amino supplements have to be mother-of-all cluster bombs. This is because BCAAs only concentrate on delivering leucine, iso-leucine, and valine whereas amino acid supplements deliver a long list of essential and nonessential amino acids. Amino acids are broken down form of protein and are easily absorbed and utilized by the body to build new muscle fibers. Now, which is the most hardcore amino acid in the market today? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out and ended up reviewing dozens of products. Without further delay, here’s our list 4 best amino acid supplements of 2016.

#4 Cellucor Alpha Amino

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Beating dozens of other amino acid supplements, Cellucor Alpha Amino barely makes it to our list and grabs the number 4 rank. Alpha Amino delivers a total of 14 amino acids. Even though it doesn’t cover all the amino acids it does include all the important ones. In a serving size of 13g it has about 5g of BCAA in the classic 2:1:1 ratio. That means you get about 3000mg of leucine, 1000mg of valine, and 1000mg of iso-leucine. These are amazing BCAA numbers and it completely eliminates the need of buying a BCAA supplement separately. The Alpha Amino also contains 2500mg of what Cellucor calls Alpha Amino Complex.

This is a blend of essential and nonessential amino acids which include glutamine, alanine, arginine, and many more. A regular amino acid product would have stopped right there, but Cellucor added a trademarked blend called the Xtreme blend. This 119mg mix mostly contains caffeine and aims to increase mental focus. Cellucor also adds raw coconut concentrate and chia seed extract into the mix which they claim improves hydration and taste. The Alpha Amino is available in 3 different flavors among which we recommend you to try the fruit punch. The only reason we didn’t rate this product any higher is because its Amino Acid Complex is only 2500mg per serving. Overall this is a solid product that definitely gets the job done.

#3 MuscleTech AMINO BUILD

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Number 3 on our rank is the well known Amino Build from MuscleTech. Being a MuscleTech product there is no questioning the taste and quality of this one. It also brings a lot of quality ingredients into the table. First up, a single scoop of 9g will deliver a dose of 4g of BCAA. Following the proven 2:1:1 ratio, it delivers 2000mg of leucine and 1000mg of iso-leucine and valine each. We are actually impressed by the total BCAA content considering the fact that the scoop size is just 9g.

Apart from the BCAA, Amino Build supplies 500mg of glutamine, 500mg of taurine, 500mg of alanine, and 500mg of citrulline. Amino Build also delivers 1250 of betaine which is an amino acid known for building both strength and muscle mass. The only downside of Amino Build is that it does not include vitamins and other micronutrients. If it did then it probably would have secured the top spot on our list. Flavor wise Amino Build does a great job and is available in white grape, green apple, and fruit punch. Take our word and try the white grape, it’s absolutely yummy. Overall, MuscleTech gets almost everything right with the Amino Build making it a great choice for everyone.


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Winning countless awards AMINOx from BSN has been ruling the amino acid supplement range for years. BSN AMINOx has a scoop size of 14.5g among which 10g is BCAA and other amino acids. 10g of total amino acid is really impressive which makes the BSN AMINOx perfect for people who always want a little bit more protein. The 10g of amino acid includes leucine, iso-leucine, valine, alanine, taurine, and citrulline. Now, there are a couple of negatives about the AMINOx that needs to be pointed out. First off, it does not contain glutamine which is a pretty important amino acid to ignore. It also doesn’t reveal how much BCAA is present in its amino acid complex.

However, BSN AMINOx has been the favorite of many famous names including 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman. It’s also well respected for generating great results at a very fast pace. The AMINOx comes in some great flavors including blue raspberry, fruit punch, grape, green apple, and watermelon. If you are wondering which are the better tasting flavors then we recommend you try the grape and the watermelon. To sum it up, it’s a great amino acid that delivers a whole lot of protein and has a proven record.

#1 BPI Sports Best Aminos

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Being the new kid on the block BPI Sports have quickly gained the reputation of manufacturing some of the best supplements in the industry in 2016. Best Aminos definitely earns its name as we think it’s the best amino acid supplement in the market today. Mainly because it utilizes a special BCAA bond called oligopeptides. This patented amino acid chain gets quickly absorbed by the body and much more efficiently utilized compared to the regular chained BCAAs. Each serving of 10g contains about 2.5g of oligopeptide leucine.

This is a great advantage as a lot of manufacturers cheap out on the leucine percentage, which is one of the most important amino acids for building muscles. The serving also includes 1g of oligopeptide glutamine, 1.25g of oligopeptide iso-leucine, and 1.25g of oligopeptide valine. BPI also packs in a proprietary blend of 500mg that increases focus and energy. This is a clever move as a lot of people use amino supplements to create a pre workout drink. BPI sports have introduced some wacky flavor which to be honest tastes really good. Try the hurricane orange flavor and you will never want an orange soda again.

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Why Amino Acids Are Important?

Amino acid supplements are great for both pre workout and post workout. It also makes sense to create a large amino drink and keep sipping it all throughout the day. There is no perfect time or dosage for these supplements as their primary goal is to replenish the body with some righteous amino acids whenever it needs some. As mentioned earlier these are broken down form of protein and are digested and absorbed by the body super-quickly.

However, it’s not a good idea to pick one up off the shelves just because you think the label looks awesome. To make sure you find the right product don’t shy away from doing a bit of research. Read a few amino acid supplement reviews like this one to get a good idea about the product you are about to buy. An ideal amino acid should not only include sufficient BCAAs and other amino acids but also taste great.

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