Whether it for a fitness model like myself to compete with others to win modeling jobs to a person wanting to look their best for their spouse on their anniversary to a college kid that just wants to impress the girls at the beach for summer, these are the diet foods you eat leading up to that event.There’s no reinventing the wheel here, these diet foods are not only clinically proven, they just work.It’s plain and simple. I made it easy for you to see them all here. Starting…….Right…..Now. Read on.

Here are 16 diet foods for you to work with to get started in your new eating habits. There are more than this, but this is a good start to for ya.Also, find out a delicious way of answering the question how do you lose fat at the wee bottom of this article.

It’s AMAZINGLY tasty and really good for you. I eat it probably more than anything. Ha.What Are Diet Foods?ApplesElevate blood sugar levels longer than most other foods.Feel satisfied longer to fend off non diet food cravings.One of the richest sources of soluble fiber preventing drops in your blood sugar levels. Only 81 calories and contains hardly any sodium so you won’t be looking bloated, just dry and lean as possible.



Not eating asparugus as one of your diet foods is like a politician not telling any lies. It’s just the way it is, people on a diet to get lean eat asparagus. Why?It’s a great diaretic to reduce the water at the outer edge of your skin to get give your body the dryest and leanest look possible.Also is a great detoxifier and you will know of the waste leaving your body through the smell of your urine.


Good in protein and fiber levels while being low in fat.Be careful, is a more powerful laxative than laxatives. Good for cleaning you out, bad for when no bathroom around.It’s very filling so you won’t be craving all the sugary simple carbs responsible for storing fat.


The magical fruit as they say….lol. They really are magical becaus they have the most lean muscle protecting protein and less fat than any other diet foods. They are also low in ab covering sodium. Combine beans with barley,rice, or whole grains to form a complete protein. Better than meat, and less fat. For sure.


Free of fat, loads of fiber and is easy to eat the way it is. Works like berries do fighting free radicals without the sugar.Anyone who has an impressive physique or figure will tell you they eat their share of broccoli.


One of the most common diet foods eaten because it’s affordable and quick to make. Season it and grill it and you have alot of fat burning and muscle building quality calories at your disposal.One breast is similar to that of a protein shake, eat up the grilled chicken on a consistent basis for results.



Have natural fructose sugar which prevents you reaching for the table sugar. Fiber so you absorb fewer calories than you eat. The perfect snack.Powerful antioxidants that reduce free radicals that break down muscle from all your efforts at training in the gym.

Cottage Cheese

A great form of casein protein, the important slow releasing protein that keeps your muscled fueled the longest. Great for breakfast or before bed when you need protein in your muscles for a long period of time.


When you train, you need niacin and folate for results. The yolk in eggs can be scary because of the fat content but it’s clinically proven that two yolks a day will actually help you burn fat. Anything over two whole eggs and start just using egg whites to get leaner and lose the fat. View the bottom of this page how I use eggs in my tasty featured favorite food pick.

Ezekial Bread 4:9

Ezekial Break is the only bread you should think about eat on a diet to get more toned and lean. It has no preservatives so should always be frozen. Toasting activates the nutty flavor and really tastes good as well being extremely good for you. For breakfast, have a slice of either plain or cinnamon raisin bread with a couple eggs and you are gonna be on your way to faster results right quick. View the bottom of this page for my featured favorite meal. You know Ezekial Bread is on it. 😉


The healthy fats and oils in fish is good for dozens of health benefits. Reduce inflammation, and give your joints some lubrication to be able to assist in living more weight and putting on more muscle for a higher metablism. Seafood is low in calories as well and great diet foods to be a main choice for yourself.


Oatmeal is fast way to cook up some slow released complex carbs that will give you energy to train hard without adding any body fat to you. This is one of the diet foods everyone should include in their nutrition regimen. Eat oatmeal anytime you can’t get to a meal and make a super meal by adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder to it. That’s a quick way to get lean on a good training program.



If you’re a sushi person, you’re probably pretty excited to know that it made this list. Preferably either eaten with brown rice as opposed to white, and sashimi is better than sushi with white rice.If you go out for sushi, stick to that and you’ll be just fine and on tune with your nutrition.


Anytime you eat a steak or a a grilled chicken breast, a good way to complete the meal is a serving of brown rice with it. It’s a great complex carb and will drastically put your body into fat burning mode and allow you to push through workouts with great energy allowing your body to burn fat rather than use up carbs. Eat brown rice often as a diet food in your meals.

Sweet Potatoes

Another good complex carbohydrate to include in your diet foods. If you go out to eat for dinner, opting for sweet potato as your side is a fast way to get yourself in shape. These release slowly in your bloodstream like oatmeal and brown rice and should be used as much as possible for your carbs.


A good way to get your dairy and protein. Opt for Greek yogurt as one of your diet foods and mix up the flavors to kep your sweet tooth occupied.

~~The Downfall…~~


Unfortunately being on a diet to look leaner and more attractive has it’s cons. When your restricted to little foods, you can be hurt in other areas like not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your hard working body a well oiled machine.To combat this is rather easy by taking a quick multi-vitamin daily.By training hard, you lose nutrients. To see faster results, you get those nutrients from eating an array of foods. Being on a diet restricts you to eating an array of foods, although is quite possible.How do you lose fat??This is one good way…

Not everyone eats perfectly and if you’re body is low on one given key nutrient, your training efforts could be hulted in no time.

To save this from happening, simply take a multiple vitamin.I provided two good ones I would take and recommend for a male and a female. You can get a great deal below, order securely and receive your multi vitamins in the mail in no time.If you already have a regular spot you buy your supplements, that’s ok too, get them from there.

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