If you have decided to become a gym rat because you want to have a great physique, one thing you should know is that you need to eat a lot of protein. Protein is the one food group that helps you build lean muscles, which is why it is important that you have at least 1g of protein per pound of body-weight per day.

Now, having to consume that much protein on a daily basis might seem expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Unless you are making a lot of money and can afford to eat a couple of steaks a day as well as other prime cuts rich in protein, your best bet to get that much protein in your body is to go bargain shopping. This list will show you the cheapest ways to get the daily amount of protein that you need, which should help you keep some money in your pocket.


bagels protein source

Not too many people know that bagels have about 8g of protein per serving. Bagels cost about the same as a loaf of bread, so it is very affordable. Eating a couple of bagels in the morning is a good way to get some protein in your body.

Canned Tuna


Can Tuna is also very cheap and provides a good source of protein. Each can has about 40g of protein, which is a lot considering how small the cans are. For those of you worried about the mercury, studies have shown that one can of tuna per day is safe to consume.

Chicken Breast


This is probably the most expensive thing on the list, but it isn’t too pricey. You can get a bag of chicken breasts at your local grocery store for a decent price and it should last you a couple of weeks, depending on how big the bag is. Chicken breasts contains about 31g of protein per 100g.



This is another great source of protein, an egg contains 6g of protein, which is why it is recommended that you eat at least two or three eggs per day. You can eat the eggs by themselves or in combination with something else.

Pork Mince


Pork is a great alternative to beef because it is significantly cheaper. It also contains 20g of protein per 100g.

Wild Salmon


Salmon is not only a great source of protein, it is also very healthy, which makes it an ideal meal. There is 25g of protein per 100g.

Greek Yoghurt


This is a way to enjoy something sweet while also getting useful nutrients. Greek Yoghurt isn’t expensive, tastes great, and contains 10g of protein per 100g.

Peanut Butter


You probably didn’t know that peanut butter was a good source of protein, if you are on a budget, peanut butter is a great substitute because it contains 5.3g of protein per serving. This means you can load up on your proteins with some peanut butter sandwiches.



The only problem with milk as a source of protein is the fact that some people are lactose intolerant. For those that aren’t, milk contains 8g of protein per cup.

Whey Protein


This is pure protein, and is sold in most grocery stores or drug stores. A scoop of whey protein contains 25g of protein, and if added with milk, it makes a great protein shake that you can drink after working out or in between meals.

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