Carb Cycling is one of the most popular and effective way to shed fat and build muscle mass at the same time. This method has many advantages over other dieting methods, however, there are still many factors that you should consider. Today we’re going to dive in further into this nutrition concept so that you can see precisely what it has to offer you.

What Is Carb Cycling

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First let’s discuss what carb cycling is.  Essentially, carb cycling is having some days in your nutrition plan where you take your carbohydrate intake very high, while on other days, you back off and keep it much, much lower.The calorie intake for each of the days can vary as well.  On the higher carb days, you may increase the calories as well, or if you like, you can sustain the same calorie intake on both days, making up the difference in carb calories with added fats instead.Both approaches can be effective for building muscle depending on what your particular goals are.

Why Carb Cycling Is Beneficial

So what is it about his nutrition concept that makes it so beneficial?One big problem that some guys run into as they move through their diet is that their body adapts to the high carb protocol and muscle growth slows.  As it does this, you stop seeing results.But, by adding carb cycling, you shock your system, so it’ll build muscle faster.Additionally, by taking the carbs lower on some days, you’ll teach your body to turn to body fat as a fuel source, so this can help to prevent unnecessary weight gain that some people add when doing a muscle building diet.

Adding Carb Cycling To Your Nutrition Plan


So how do you go about adding this to your nutrition plan? First, you want to plan to have the higher carb days on your most intense training days. This is when the body will need them the most and will use them properly to build more lean muscle.  If you can, place the vast majority of the carbs you plan to eat immediately post-workout, as this is when they will be more beneficial.Figure out your total calorie intake for the week and then divide that amongst your days. As mentioned, you can either keep protein and dietary fat constant, simply having some days that are much higher in calories than others, or you can keep your calorie intake the same on all days, adding more fats when you go low carb.

The choice will be up to you and partially depend on how quickly you want to gain muscle mass. If you’re set on building muscle as fast as possible, even at the risk of slight fat gain, keep calories higher on all days throughout the week.So there you have the key issues to note about the nutrition concept of carb cycling. When done properly, it can help you take your muscle growth to the next level.

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