Benefits of Getting Buff

To be able to get buff and burn body fat effectively, you will probably find that there are things you’re going to have to change, particularly when it involves your dieting and exercise routine. As you probably already know, there are tons of big promises out there promising results overnight.  While some of these may work for some people, your best choice would be to stick to the fundamentals and achieve your goals via a healthy route. Here are a few quite simple yet effective tips about how to get buff and burn body fat:

Change to a Higher Protein Diet


This really is possibly the toughest step for most of us to consider mainly because most of us are used to eating meals high in carbs. The significance of eating correctly can’t be measured, particularly if you’re wanting to build muscle and cut body fat simultaneously.A higher protein weight loss program is one that’s mainly made up of lean meat, fruits and veggies, and other high quality nutritional supplements. In order to get started with your high protein diet, it’s best that you start learning to prepare your own foods so you know exactly what goes in it and how many calories it contains.For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on meals that most benefit bodybuilders who want to keep bulking up, while lowering their body fat percentage.  Though some will disagree, I believe you should limit your consumption of trans fats and unnecessary carbohydrates.  This will significantly cut down on unwanted calories, while still giving your body the nutrition it needs to build muscle.

Don’t Forget Your Cardio Exercises

Depending on your size and on your goals, you may need to experiment with how much cardio is necessary for you to attain your goals.  While you’re wanting to reduce body fat, you don’t want to go too far and start burning the muscle.  That’s a fine line that you have to figure out.  Cardio is critical if you want to really sculpt your body and be able to see the muscle definition.  But like I said, you have to be careful not to take it to the extreme, especially if you don’t have a lot of extra fat on your body.I  like to start my workouts with about 10 minutes on the treadmill just to warm up.


Then I go through my entire weight training session and afterwards, I do another 30 – 45 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine.  Some people say they are too tired to do their cardio afterwards.  I say do what works for you.  This is what works for me so I do it.Aside from heavy lifting, proper diet, and cardio, there are a couple of other things you can do to get your perfect physique.  First of all, drink tons of water – before, during and after your workouts.  Your muscles are over 70% water and respond very well to it.  If you don’t do this, you are missing out on something really easy to do to increase your muscle mass.  Also, get plenty of rest.  Your body has to rest in order for it to heal and to grow.

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