Why are we so fascinated by butts? I don’t quite know and really it doesn’t matter. The fact is, a nice, well-shaped, firm behind is a sight to behold.

If you feel like your assets are past their prime, don’t despair. Using these butt exercises will help you take the “jiggle out of your wiggle.” Before we get started, I need to make something perfectly clear…

You Will Not Get The Results You Want Simply By Doing These Butt Exercises On Their Own Or By Using A Single Piece Of Exercise Equipment!

Contrary to what the informercials on T.V. would have you believe, you cannot have a “tighter, firmer, sexier butt” by doing just one exercise or by using just one piece of equipment.


The purpose of doing these butt exercises is to build lean muscle. Adding muscle to the buttocks will give them shape and create the foundation for a truly stunning behind.

However, to realize that truly stunning behind, the most important thing is to…

Reduce your overall body fat.

The best way to achieve this is by following a balanced diet and-performing weight loss exercises such as weight lifting and cardio.

When performing the following butt exercises, or any exercises for that matter, always make sure to use perfect exercise form!

Why is it so important to use perfect exercise form? There are two main reasons…

It ensures you are actually using the muscles you want to use and getting the most of the exercise. I see it so often. People spending countless hours doing exercises over and over again…the wrong way.

Any results these people do get could have been gotten in less time and if they had been using proper form, their results would have been much more impressive.

It greatly lessens the chances of injuring yourself. Getting injured is one of the biggest momentum busters you can experience…right up there with getting sick. It can disrupt your workouts, but being injured affects the rest of your life as well.

Butt Exercises Pick #1: The Body-Weight Squat (Beginner)

main squat

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Point toes to the outside about 30 degrees.
  • Stand tall, look straight ahead.

Performing The Movement

  1. Begin by bending your knees and pushing your hips back.
  2. Place your weight on your heels.-Breathe in through the nose as you descend.
  3. Your knees should not travel over your toes.
  4. If you find your weight shifting to the front part of the foot or your knees are travelling past your toes, push your hips back to place the weight on the heels.
  5. Take 2-3 seconds to descend.
  6. Keep your back straight and your head up.
  7. Descend until your thighs are parallel or just above parallel to the ground.
  8. Begin the ascent by pressing your weight back up by pushing through the heels.
  9. Hold your breath briefly as you begin the ascent.
  10. Exhale as you complete the ascent.
  11. Do not let the body lean forward.
  12. Keep your upper body upright and head up.
  13. Let the hips come forward as you straighten your legs.

Performance Tips:

Perform the squat on a hard surface if possible. Avoid using running shoes for the squat. Use cross-trainers or shoes with very little cushioning. The reason for this is to provide a stable base for performing the exercise. To make the exercise more challenging, use both hands to hold one dumbbell between the knees.

Best Butt Exercises Pick #2: The Split Squat

split squat for perfect butt

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Take a giant step forward with one foot.
  • Make sure both feet are pointing straight ahead (12:00).
  • Lift the rear heel up, so the rear foot is on the toes.
  • Lean your upper body slightly forward at the waist, about 20 degrees.
  • Maintain a straight back.
  • Keep your head up, eyes looking forward.

Performing The Movement

  1. Begin by lowering your body towards the floor.
  2. Breathe in through your nose as you descend to the floor.
  3. Keep your weight over the front heel. This will prevent putting too much pressure on the knee and make the front leg do more of the work (good).
  4. Avoid letting the front knee travel past the toes. This will, again, put too much pressure on the knee.
  5. Stop the downward movement when your back knee is just above the floor. Do not slam your knee into the floor (for obvious reasons).
  6. Return to the starting position by pushing through the front heel.
  7. Keep your weight over the front leg.-Exhale out through your mouth throughout the ascent.
  8. Do not straighten your front knee at the top of the movement.

Performance Tips

Place tape on the floor where your toes go. This ensures consisten placement of the feet every time. Do not forget to keep your eyes focused on a point in front of you to help you with keeping your balance. Hold onto a chair for balance if necessary.

As you become stronger, try holding onto a set of dumbbells for added resistance. If balance is an issue, place the weights into a durable backpack. Ensure the backpack is strapped on securely. This allows you to increase the resistance while leaving your hands free to hold onto a chair or wall for balance.

Best Butt Exercises Pick #3: Step-Ups (Advanced)

step ups for a better butt

  • Stand directly in front of a raised platform (stairs, wooden box, bench, chair, etc.)
  • Feet face straight ahead, shoulder width apart.
  • Lift one foot up and place it on the raised surface.
  • Make sure that your whole foot is able to fit onto the surface.

Performing The Movement

  1. Shift your weight onto the raised foot.
  2. Take a deep breath in through the nose.
  3. Begin pressing your body up with the raised leg.
  4. Do not push off with the bottom foot.
  5. Exhale through the mouth as you ascend.
  6. Press your body up until your raised leg is nearly straight.
  7. Pause at the top to maintain balance.
  8. Slowly lower your body until your “free” foot returns to the floor.
  9. Do not let your body drop to the starting position.
  10. Inhale through the nose as you lower your body.
  11. Pause briefly at the bottom and repeat the movement.

Performance Tips

Place the raised platform near the wall to use the wall for balance if necessary. Do not push off with the bottom foot. Make the raised leg do all of the work. If you wish, add dumbbells for resistance as you get stronger. Always begin with a low enough surface to allow you to lift your body without pushing off with the bottom foot.

Do you need to do all of these butt exercises to get great results?

No. The idea is to pick one that allows you to perform the exercise with no joint discomfort or pain.

If you want to use more than one, try alternating the exercises every workout.

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