I can say with confidence that almost everyone at some stage in his life would like to be stronger, bigger and faster. Nowadays, we can see lots of pictures of alpha males in magazines and on TV. All of this makes men wish to get nice, sexy, ripped and muscular body, as they are usually seeking ways to show such physical peaks. And steroids may help to provide great results in the shortest terms. Recently steroids have a bad reputation and condemnation in the media and society. Many different myths and misinformation surrounds this topic, misleading users and athletes. In this article we’ll try to give careful consideration to every myth about anabolic steroids.

10. Steroids Decrease Endurance

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One of the biggest myths is that steroids reduce endurance. It is incredible but in fact, steroids considerably increase endurance and improve an athlete’s aerobic capacity, as the effect of creation a greater red blood cells (RBC) count. And, especially for endurance athletes, red blood cells are one of the most valuable physiological components, because these cells are liable for carrying oxygen to the muscle tissue. It should be noted that blood doping (the practice of raising the levels of red blood cells in the bloodstream for improving athletic performance) is illegal and banned in modern sports.

9. Women become look like men

Right, females also take steroids, and of course, insane and uncontrolled steroid using may lead to deferent steroid side effects in women like virilization (clitoral hypertrophy, acne, hair growth, and low voice). That is why women must carefully manage their steroid cycle, select only mild and side effect free steroids i.e. Anavar (Oxandrolone), oral and injectable Primobolan (Methenolone). In addition, it should be noted that competent and skillful cycle under supervision of professional with a right and smart post cycle therapy is never associated with this myth. After canceling the use of steroids, almost all negative side effects in females are reversible.

8. Steroids are a Quick Fix


As it thought, anabolic steroids are often compared with the drugs that give an instant results. In fact, skilled users affirm that only with intense workout and right regime dieting you can feel all the benefits that anabolics may offer. The true is that anabolic steroids are not a magic pill that can instantly define, shape or provide your body with the lean muscle tissue. A healthy way of living that combines a recommended 8 hours daily sleep with a rational nutrition together with steroid use and the intense training will reward athlete’s body with magnificent look and great result. If anabolics were “the magic pill” as many people imagine, then everyone could have the handsome and sexy body.

7. Liver Damage


One of the most popular myth about steroids is that anabolic steroids leads to liver damage. But in fact real significance of this myth is quite exaggerated. Mass Media often focus on this negative side effect of anabolics on liver as the unavoidable consequence of the use of anabolic steroids. First of all, liver damage is caused only be oral form of anabolic steroids, which are 17 alpha alkylated. These oral steroids pass through the liver and are not destroyed, and this makes them toxic for it. Secondly, the adverse effects on the liver may occur only in case of overdosing. As a confirmation of these words can be judged the results of research of Fluoxymesterone, Dianabol and Winstrol on animals. Scientists have found that damage to the liver occurs only at doses that are 5-10 times higher than recommended. For example, the toxic properties of Metandienone begin to appear only at a daily dose greater than 80 mg per day, whereas the recommended daily dose is approximately 20 – 40 mg. Another research has been carried out on humans. Two groups of athletes, one of which trained using only natural products, another one used steroids. Both groups were examined for changes in the liver. Athletes who have used steroids in high doses, showed signs of liver damage, but in 3 months, there was no change. That is why we can draw a conclusion that the side effects on the liver are reversible. Besides, steroids are less dangerous than the alcohol, various energy drinks, and other forms of prescription drugs that all are accessible and legal.

6. Penis Shrinks

This is one of the most ridiculous myths. No, your penis will never shrink after use of steroids . It is possible that use of anabolics may lead to testicular atrophy. Through a feedback mechanism, the production of natural gonadotropin may be reduced. Gonadotropin stimulates the testes permanently, when its concentration is reduced testis may begin to atrophy. Fortunately, it is prevented by injecting HCG without any problems. Testicular atrophy occurs extremely rare and only when using high doses during long steroid cycles and usually is absolutely reversible. Gonadotropin is required only when the duration of the cycle is more than 7-10 weeks and high doses are using.

5. Depression

This myth, that anabolic steroids promote depression, has been created by the media. We can hear lots of reports about depression as a result of the use of steroids, and as usually they seem ridiculous. In fact, high testosterone levels decrease stress and increase positive moods. Endogenous depression is caused by a lack of serotonin and is usually diagnosed if it lasts more than 2 weeks. It has been proven that lack of testosterone deficiency or excess of estrogen do not cause depression.

Definitely, low testosterone levels may cause depression after steroid cycle. Therefore steroid users must schedule the right Post Cycle Therapy. As almost all steroids and especially the androgens (hormones which promote male characteristics, like testosterone and its derivatives) shut down Natural Testosterone Production. To restore HPTA function athletes have to take Clomid, Nolvadex and Proviron. One can say with certainty, do not take steroids if you don’t know how to plan PCT properly and to boost your testosterone levels using Clomid, Proviron and Tamoxifen after AAS cycle.

4. Stunted Growth


Stunted growth may be only affected at a young age (before the age of 17-19) while bones growth plates are not closed. This side effect is especially pronounced when high aromatizing steroids are used for a long period or are taken in huge quantities. However, there is no medical evidence to prove this claim. As an argument, it can be given the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started using anabolic steroids from a very young age, to make sure that anabolic steroids do not stunt your growth. It does not mean that it should be taken as 100% proof, but coupled with some data make look it more like a myth.

3. Increased Chance of Prostate Cancer

Several researches have shown that men with low testosterone levels are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer than men with higher levels of testosterone. Much the same to myth #2 (steroid cause baldness), prostate cancer is commonly a genetic predisposition. Anabolic steroids only in rare cases cause prostatic hypertrophy, and it occurs usually after the age of 40. It has to be mentioned that Finasteride is successfully used to prevent and to treat prostatic hypertrophy.

2. Steroids Cause Baldness

High levels of testosterone do not cause baldness in men, but in some ways, it can speed up this process. The whole point is that baldness is associated with the gene that is found on the X-chromosome. Therefore, anabolic steroids can cause baldness only if a genetic predisposition exists.

The reason why some anabolic steroids may contribute to hair loss is that testosterone converts to DHT. So you can easily avoid it just do not use those drugs that are converted to this metabolite.

1. Roid Rage


Most of us have seen the documentary movie about steroids “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*” but you should know that steroids just amplify personality characteristics that the user already has. Several studies on rats have show that steroids increase aggression. By the way, do you know the difference between experimental rats and us? Humans have a better capacity to control emotions and aggression. And here the main part plays your temperament and nature. If in real life you are not aggressive and hot-tempered person, then AAS will not cause this very rare side effect. Caffeine and some other stimulants are also considered as stimulants that increase aggression, but have you ever heard that coffee is being blamed by coffee drinkers for all outbursts of anger? In addition, it is considered that excess of estrogen is actually a cause of increased level of aggression. Testosterone, on the contrary, allows males to feel much better motivated and positive.


It is very important to know that most of the negative side effects can be avoided and be prevented if you just follow some simple rules and medical advice, first of all related to the choice of drugs, dosage, cycle duration, and Post Cycle Therapy. At the moment we can see in the media considerable distortion of truth about anabolic steroids. The fact we cannot argue is that steroids have their place in modern sports. And just like any other medical drugs, they must not be abused. Be safe.


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